Why I Chose This Title...

Sewing used to be something only your Granny did when she got tired of knitting you sweaters with kittens on them.
I learned to sew from my mom when I was in elementary school and usually made skimpy clothes for my barbies (only later did I learn that dresses need to fasten at the back somehow...). I started up again after my Meemaw bought me a sewing machine when I got married. I was still in college and in Married Student Housing, which was about as big as my parent's garage, so I usually parked myself on the kitchen table and let the fabric pile up around me. Then we moved and I got a whole hallway, complete with shelves and a proper sewing table from a second hand store. I called it a studio.
My best friend, Elsie, her sister, Emma and I started Red Velvet Art and had our first show at Cornerstone Music Festival in Illinois. We spent weeks preparing for it. It was then that I realized how important art would be in my life. It had to be everyday.
So, I decided my sewing machine needed some bling to bring it up to date. Granny would be proud.


Christen Krumm said...

well, actually i just moved to poteau. i got married in november and moved from fort smith, arkansas. i am enjoying it here... i was a boomer sooner fan, so i just moved closer to home... hehe. that name doesn't ring a bell. you moved to washington right? far away from home. my husband's a worship leader and i have a feeling we won't be in one place for to long. where God will send us is a surpise, but i'm ready for the great adventure (just not the moving part...i dont like that part :) )

Nicole said...

Awesome - congrats! :)

Joyous said...

I remember the year I got my sewing machine for Christmas...I also got my own electric mixer...I felt like my parents were trying to get rid of me!! But I do have to say...even though the mixer is still packed away (my Hubby and I live in his mom's basement for now) that sewing machine is probably one of my very most used gifts.

.freckled.nest. said...

What a perfect blog! I'm coming back for sure! And i love your etsy!-- I'll be shopping you up when i need presents(or just becauses) for my twin neices!
Great blog name :)
Have a great day :)