Date night pics

These are from my super fun date night with my male model husband, Brett. (We used to tease him in college that he had the jaw structure of a model. He didn't mind.) We got out of the community house and left Sebastian with Grandma Mary and headed for the bookstore to rummage through mags and cd's and drink sweet things and talk about where we're going in life.
I took my camera along because its something I see Elsie do all of the time. How else are you going to capture the beautiful moments if you're not ready, right? Elsie, you rock!
I didn't get the deal with the local children's store. I am surprisingly unaffected. Its hard to put yourself out there sometimes. Thankfully, I have been able to work with some great businesswomen who have really supported my products in the past. Thanks Kim from Bouncing Wall in Seattle! Thanks Etsy buyers! Thanks again Elsie! Thanks new blog friends!


Unknown said...

looks like a lot of fun there, and indeed you have a Model man! wow!



Amber Ulmer said...

Rach... LOVE the idea of bringing the cam along on date nights. Must do that... Good thing I have a big HOBO purse to carry my Rebel in! haha What a HOTTIE! haha (i love when ppl say my hubby is HOT too.. so I thought Id compliment him!) xoxo

Laura said...

I take my camera everywhere... that was one thing my boyfriend noticed about me really quickly. hehe :) You just never know when you're going to get the perfect photo-op!

Yes, the Midwest is a pretty place! The only thing I don't like is the crazy weather! It'll be 20 one day and 70 the next. It messes with a girl's sinuses, ya know? ;)

Elsie Larson said...

your etsy stuff in the post below is YUM.. that blanket is amazing! i am gonna have a LOT of stuff made by you as soon as we move! :) your stuff is gorgeous!

ya.. brett is sort of a model.. i have a really cute photo of him from f*orever ago i keep meaning to send you!

we had a date night last night too... sushi and martinis.. dude... when you gonna come visit? i am DYING! :)

lovelove, e

OpaqueSkies said...

There is a link on my site to a company called "The MacBeth Collection." I found it when reading an article about female entreprenuers. The woman who started the company gave advice about not stopping at rejections. She cited an example of some designed clipboards in her collection; she was told they would not sell, and then follows up by telling about the 10s of 1,000s of them that she has sold this year.

Your stuff is lovely. Sometimes maybe it takes awhile to find your niche. It's impressive alone that you are a busy new mother, and you are working at this stuff. What's also great is that you love what you do. Then it's not in vain.

Cammeron said...

Holy Moly I love your shoes :) I'm going to have to take my camera out on our next date night. I think we're going out for green beer next weekend. Too bad I dont like beer...

Charin Adams said...

love these pics! so cute :) your shoes rock! :)

Nicole said...

You go girl!!! Don't ever get down about a 'no'...it could mean not now or we're not right for you, etc. That just means the doors opened to a 'Yes' somewhere else. (Yes, I've been reading the Little Yellow Book of YES! by Jeffrey Gitomer, it rocks!). You can do anything you set your mind to :)

I never carry my camera around with me. Shame on me (bad scrapper!) :) I'll follow your lead and see where it goes!

And date night is fun. My husband and I try to go out every Friday (we didn't this week, as I was not feeling well). It helps us reconnect and unwind after a long week. It's a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I am sure that there are bigger fish out there for you to lure in with your gorgeous stuff girl ;D GOOD FOR YOU for putting yourself out there, it takes a lot of courage and kudos to you!!!!!

LOVE the date night photos...too cute!


Love Karen xoxo