Getting ready for Big Hat Days Festival

I'm trying to set some goals for this festival over Easter weekend. It is a strange weekend to have a festival but I've decided to go ahead anyways. Its supposed to attract over 125,000 people. I've been tracking down old doors on Craigslist.org so I can hinge them together, add hooks and hang quilts. I've been trying out new products to see how time efficient they are. Its so hard to know what the market is sometimes. I'm selling some things there that I probably wouldn't at a music festival or anywhere in Seattle just because its a more conservative group.
If you have been to an indie show/craft fair/ bizarre lately and have any advice on what not to do, etc. please shoot me a comment.
I just got my business cards in this week and I love how they look. They are personalized for events like these as opposed to something Red Velvet would send out to those online. I found a designer on Etsy.com and she worked with me to get the colors just right. I love them. I think I might just keep them all.


*~*Amber*~* said...

I really LOVE those biz cards! Have a great time at the fez... man.. im using some major z's! Anywho... thanks for adding me on MYspace! ur in my top 24 along w/some other scrappers! Hope the fez treats you well and u sell oodles of your fine treasures!

Cat said...

Your business cards are great. Good luck reaching your Easter goals!!
Another good place for selling your wares are Earth Day Festivals. I find that the folks there really appreciate handmade stuff. Since you are somewhat close, you might want to check out Whole Earth Days in Davis, CA--my favorite festival (where I always spent lots of $$!) Email me if you need more info :)

Charin said...

Cute cards! :) And good luck at the festival! :)

he&she said...

Good idea having the designer help you. She did a good job with the logo. Advice: presentation is everything. That will get people to your table over all of the other tables around.

And sell your very best stuff. Not just the stuff you're willing to part with. If it's the best to you, it will be the best to others. Just keep in mind that better creations are ahead. Keep things organized, so that related things are grouped together.If you find that a certain item sells well, make several of those items. Like the same exact replicas. Human behavior dictates that if you see lots of something then there's a feeling of security.

Also, many people run market analyses prior to starting a business. This way they are not just guessing what people want. I mean, there's some element of that anyhow, but it's best to reduce this as much as possible if not just to reduce your frustration. Consider your costs, but also poll people who buy this stuff, and just ask "would you buy something like this? How much would you pay?"Then hope that they'll be honest with you.

This is kuhl. Keep putting yourself out there, and remember to do it b/c you love it.

Elsie Flannigan said...

rach! :) i looooove this card! looks so good. I wish i could be there with you and sell stuff and dress up :(

Andrea said...

it's perfect!

Rhi said...

I'm with he&she on the presentation. I don't know exactly what setting your stall will be in, but I just did one recently and had pretty flower fairy lights around the stall. It draws people in!

Also always take a tun of stock. If you don't sell it all, it sucks but its not as bad as if you totally sell out and are left with no stock pretty soon in!

I found it useful to have some little cute but relatively cheapy bits (£1 prices for me, but obv you would be in dollars ;)) scattered amongst my stuffs. People don't mind parting with small change for pretties!

Loads of free paraphenalia is a must. Obv you have your business cards which is great. People will ALWAYS pick up those, which can only be a good thing.

Oh and don't forget your petty cash. I learnt that one pretty quickly heh.

I hope you have fun mostly! These things are great for networking, the crafty world is a fun place to be :o)


lisa said...

hi there! LOVE your creations! i make jewelry and have done some craft fairs. here's a few tips i've learned--
*really engage people. tell then a little about yourself or your inspiration. pull out your favorite items and show them what you love about the item or how it could be used. make eye contact with as many people as you can.
*network with other vendors. if you can find vendors who compliment your business without competing it can be a great partnership! consider linking with them on your site or supporting each others businesses by doing home shows together, etc. i also try to trade wares with fun vendors. it's a great way to get almost free stuff!
*have fun and be brave. you know poeple love your stuff because of all the response you've gotten. go for it!
*this is a side note, but i was really surprised when that local children's store didn't JuMp on your beautiful creations!! i have my jewelry in about 10 stores and i'd love to share some tips on how i approach a store if you're interested. i definately think your stuff is retail worthy. check out my blog. hugs!

Cammeron said...

Your card is beautiful!! wow!

maritza said...

The cards look fantastic! Good luck at the festival.