Easter Family Pics. No Laughing. We were scheduled for a studio that had moved locations since we'd been there last. So, we just went to the other end of the mall to the low end, 'no refund', no tripod studio where you can get a playboy background for an additional $5. Need I say more. This is what we got. Lets just say we have a hard time coordinating our schedules and won't be retaking one.

On a different note, this is stepping outside of the art box.

New favorite music. Camera Obscura. Andrew Bird. The Ponys.

New favorite etsy shops. Nice Face. Green Chair Press. Miss Bunny Shoes. For The Record.


Elsie Larson said...

i love you. this is sweet. Your family looks sweet. i haven't seen your brother since the wedding... he looks waaaaaaaaay older! lol!
S has a sweet face here! :)

cara harjes said...

okay, that is cracking me up! too bad you didn't get to wear a sequined star spangled bustier or a glittery cow-girl hat!

and weird . . . i just looked out my window. it is snowing. it was sunny and beautiful about three hours ago!

Laura said...

*giggles* i think it actually looks pretty cute! :)

Nicole said...

Awww...that is a nice picture of your family. Sure, you may feel it isn't ideal, but just to have a picture with all of you together is priceless, even with the additional $5 playboy background ;) Just cherish it for what it is and perhaps next year, you can strive for someone else to take it!

P.S. That poor tree. I wonder if it wanted to really paint something else. Hmmm..... :)

Cammeron said...

what? why didn't you go for the playboy background?!

Anonymous said...

Playboy background? That is hysterical.
I love your creations&sewing so I added a link to your site on my blog. Hope that´s ok.

ps. It´s a nice picture even if it was shot at a "weird" place.