I'm so thankful for the contacts I made this weekend. It was a low sales event for all of the vendors since it coincided with Easter weekend but the weather was great and my neighbors were friendly. I saw some friends from high school that I hadn't heard from in awhile. I met two bloggers that live close by and came to say hi. Sebastian stayed with Grandma Mary and Big Poppie but stopped by both days. Sebastian got to ride his first pony! It almost shook him off when he started pulling on its mane. It was a slow Sunday and we were all glad for things to wrap up. The good news is, I still have a lot of product left for BabyFest and my Etsy shop.
I'm taking a few days off from sewing to spend some catch up time with Sebastian and Brett. I've got a few orders to fill. Bags and aprons were requested so I'm going to test out some new designs soon.
Thanks to everyone who left encouraging comments.
I have posted a few items in the Etsy shop and I'll be listing things all week.
I hope your Easter was peaceful.


Amber Ulmer said...

o how much fun!!! so glad it went well and networking is such a great thing!! xoxo
Presh pics of S!!! And you of course!

Charin Adams said...

I'm glad you had fun! :)
Those pictures of Sebastian are adorable!! :) :)

Cammeron said...

I'm so glad everything went well!!

Anne Thompson said...

Glad it went well for you, your booth was so cute! And your son is adorable. Happy Easter. Anne

cara harjes said...

WOW! Looks like an amazing time! So glad that you made good contacts . . . sometimes a better thing in the long run anyway!
The booth looks great! Congrats!