June Paper Kit

Here it is! I love this kit so much. Its exactly how I'm feeling this month. A little bit loud and scattered. Even if you've got all the Love, Elsie you can handle, (is it possible?) there are some unique pieces in this kit. We've included 2 sheets of raw, black chipboard and one sheet of the Roxie Fabric Paper (think Gaffer Tape) that you can either cut up and use as embellishments, or make your own little book with.
Kristina Contes and Elsie Flannigan are our two featured designers this month. Can't wait to see what they do with these goodies! Check it out on the RVA kit club blog.


Nicole said...

Love, love, love it - I can't find any of the Love, Elsie products here in WNY, so this is super great! Can't wait!

Marie said...

I just ordered. I got my apron in the mail a few days ago but have no sewing machine so its all hand sewing for me...Im working on the mini book first tho. Cant wait to get this kit!

Cammeron said...

LOVE the kit!!
We dated for 3 years (all through high school) and got married a month after we graduated. Looking back it was a totally crazy thing to do BUT I wouldn't change it :)

*~*Amber*~* said...

so awesome girl!! love it!!!! killa kit!