Project Kits are coming.

May 17th on the RV Kit Club blog. I'll be posting pics tomorrow (15th).

Its been a little quiet here. I've been pouring most of my energy into a large project thats under wraps for the meantime, but mostly I think my blog time has been replaced with following Sebastian around the house. He's walking now. It makes me proud to see him growing more independent. He's also collecting bruises. He's fallen into a door frame twice and a bookshelf once in the last week. Each little mark landed on the right side of his head so he looks like he's had quite a time. The great-grandparents are here this week for my brother's graduation but they can't really take any cute pictures of him, poor guy.

Last night my brother flew with the Police Dept. in a Euro helicopter around Fresno. He called us up and did a fly by with a full on spotlight and siren at 9:30p.m. at night. We were all dancing around in the driveway like loonies. It was a rush.

Brett let me spend a considerable amount of money last week on new clothes. I hadn't had any that fit well since Sebastian was born and had put it off thinking my shape would be changing over the weeks. Last Friday I was having an ugly day so we packed Sebastian up and drove to my favorite local, affordable, clothing store. Brett rolled S around in a cart for an hour to give me time to make quality purchasing decisions. It was such a therapeutic experience for me and still it continues. In one day I feel like a new woman because I made a choice to give to myself. I never wanted to be that mom that looked worn out and old. It kind of slipped in between late night feedings and dirty dishes. Making changes feels so good. Happy Mother's Day to me!

I started feeling sick last week. My mom asked me if I was pregnant. Thank goodness it was just a cold. And then yesterday I got a fortune in my cookie that said something about my 'nurturing instincts pouring over to many'...This combined with Brett's fortune that said his 'romantic life would take a turn for the better' makes me nervous! Ha!
Knock on wood.

Stay tuned, ya'all.


happydays525 said...

Congrats on getting that much needed mama time and splurging on some new duds to make you feel better...I totally know where you are coming from and you are so much better off realizing that you NEED to take care of your beautiful mama self now rather than later! (It took me a while). ;)

Have a beautiful day!

Brett Denbow said...

Well, I wouldn't call Target a 'local' clothing store as much...but we had a great time checking out every store dept. two or three times...and your clothes look GREAT!

Cara said...

i put on a bunch of weight when herb and i were dating. i was shocked when the lady at the bridal store guided me towards a dress that was "good for bigger girls" !!!! (horrible, yes! but guess which dress i bought!)
and wouldn't you know it, as soon as i allowed myself to succumb to my new size last spring and buy new clothes, i dropped 25 pounds! so sometimes embracing reality turns out to be the best thing. :)
plus, who can complain about pretty new clothes!?!?
(and cute that your hubby just ratted you out about target . . . )

Cat said...

Love your blog today! I can relate to what you are saying about not wanting to be the worn out looking mom... I try to really fight that, but am not always successful :)

*~*Amber*~* said...

haha LOVE that ur hubby commented!! mine does too and has his own blog... funny huh?
Glad you got some RACHEL time in and splurged on yourself!! Work it girl!! xoxo

Charin said...

Poor little Sebastian! It makes me sad when they start getting little bruises everywhere. How old is he now? I was thinking he was 10 months, if he is he's walking early! :) :)
Congrats on the clothes, I really need to do that too. Mommy needs new clothes! ha ha

Elsie Flannigan said...

RACH! this kit is soooooo yummmma! i love it! :)