WIP Quilt

So, the whole quilt top is sewn together! Thats the hard part, right? Right? I went to JoAnne's for more chenille and left an hour later without chenille but with a copy of the 100th CK issue that you all told me about. (My mom's copy)
I spent some time working with a very helpful Susie who didn't know how to find the SKU # for the Cream Chenille that they were out of. I was hoping to place a special order but finally we both decided that it would be faster for me to just come back tomorrow when they get their new shipment in to see if its back in stock. Otherwise, a 6-8 week waiting game. Well, thats time I don't have.

Sebastian flirted with the ladies in line behind us. I almost flipped to the back of the issue to show him off but I resisted. I didn't think they'd be as excited as my mom. Speaking of the fabulous Elsie...if you haven't seen her new blog and heard about the latest exciting news, you'd better get moving! Its in stores already because I've seen it posted on SisTv.

Happy Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

i love that quilt! it is so pretty!

Charin Adams said...

Beautiful quilt!! :) So cute that Sebastian's flirting. :) :) And I would have totally shown them Els' layout!

dani j. said...

beautiful quilt!!
oh yeah - it's definitly in stores, I picked up a whole bunch today!! super fun stuff!

Tina said...

the quilt is turning our great! love all that fabric ;)

JB said...

gorgeous quilt! love it!

what is WIP?

Andrea said...

if you can't find the chenille at any local stores, send me an email and i would gladly buy some around here and ship it. that's about a one week wait vs. 6 to 8!

the quilt looks so fun!

Yummers! said...

What is sistv? The world is moving faster then I am!
Love that Sebastian. Of course he's one step ahead of other kids because of his cute name. Wait until he goes to kindergarten and has to write it. Maybe you could just have him go by Bob.

Unknown said...

That is a gorgeous quilt! Found your blog through a friends, just wanted to show some love!

Vee said...

your quilt is gorgeous!!
piece of art for real :)
I want the new love,elsie so bad
it is so cute ;)

jessica said...

I am SO excited :) You are the master at creating quilts. This has been a really fun project working with you. I love how this is coming together and whatever fabric you added since last time really put this over the top. I am in love with it. Thanks so MUCH... you rock :)