Window Shopping

Thought I'd share some eye candy today. I've been in the 'winter is coming, grab some layers' mood so putting aside all reality and principle, this is what would be in my shopping cart.
RIng from Urban Outfitters
Credit Card Case from Urban Oufitters
Coat from Forever 21
Boots from Anthropologie
Cap from Forever 21
Sweater from Forever21
Denim from Forever 21
Hair Clip from Etsy.com
Shoes from Etsy.com
Scarf from Etsy.com
Bag from Etsy.com
Necklace from Etsy.com
And these are so hot. Makes me want to have long legs. Ha! Underpinnings
Whats on your window shopping list?


Leigh-Ann said...

these are so great! did you get any of em?

RachelDenbow said...

Ha! No, just browsing the internet for inspiration and came up with this fun post idea. Really I just want to see what other people would have on their shopping list. I think its like looking at someone's book collection or whats in their fridge. It says a lot about someone's insides. This is totally to see what people are turned onto this season. So...show me some inspired retail decisions!!

Evelien said...

The cap is really cool! I had a new sewing machine on my shopping list, but I bought that one last Friday. Already made a sock monkey with it and the machine works great!

dani j. said...

which etsy shop is the necklace from??

Silje Røe Hagland said...

holy crap! that hair clip, and those shoes!!!!!!!
So awesome! I love etsy!

Charin Adams said...

Love your finds! I am so ready for Fall this year, and I think looking at those pics just made it worse :)
I've been looking at this purse http://store.delias.com/item.do?categoryID=416&itemID=47987&sizeFilter=&colorFilter=&brandFilter=

and these shoes in black in white
from Delias. :)
Sorry I don't know how to make the links where you can just click on it instead of having to copy and paste. :)

Veronica said...

my favs is that necklace...oh I likie LOTS...but I would never find anywhere to ware it.

Keka said...

Wow...we are sooo on the same pg.!!! I did some shopping this weekend. You just inspired my next blog! Take a peek in a few. Imma include what I already bought too...being that I just knocked them off of the "clothes I want this fall/winter" list :) So excited!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness i wish i had cute legs i would soooo wear those socks!!! Love them...I heart everything here except the ring...Im not a big gold person so if it came in silver i would love it! hehehe! EVERYTHING is on my window shopping list...seriously i am a shopaholic...not kidding in the slightest.

Funky Finds said...

i want 'em all!!!!

Unknown said...

wow, you picked some good stuff! I want all of it! lol. this is a good idea, i want to try this! if i did... i might be tempted to buy some of it though, lol!

Kinsey said...

Right now I am so into etsy! I am on a personal mission to come up with as many creative ideas (that I've never seen done before) as possible.

So...I came up with several and therefore my shopping list is rather strange...

**Old school desk telephones... circa 1980. The ones that are off-white/cream/nicotine yellow with the spiral cord.

**big, odd shaped lamp shades

**old watch batteries

**vinyl records (scratched preferably)

**old school slap bracelets and jelly bracelets :)

**and lastly, I am working on collecting (more like hoarding) the chopsticks from oriental restaurants. the plain ones...no paint or finishes on them.

I sound like a weird old lady with lots of cats and really scary secrets...hahaha.

Love the ring and the shoes on your list by the way. Always so inspiring over here.


Christen E. Krumm said...

Hey Rachel!

I was wondering how Etsy worked. Are you charged for everything you list or just the things you sell?

Thanks for any and all help! I'm really wanting to make "creating" a career, but we'll see how well I do at it and what my husband thinks of that :)


debbiec said...

omg. that ring is TO DIE FOR! love it! and hey, i just got that long sleeve black top! funny!

Cammeron said...

These are the stores that will be on my river walk in my personal heaven after I die :)