Heavy on the pictures today.

Thanksgiving Day at our house. Story goes that my mom's mom got her finger caught in the blender while making mashed potatoes one evening. Its still attached but we always tease whenever we get the mixers out. My dad is the official turkey carver of the family. Mom was quick enough to put the apron on him while he was elbow deep in turkey. It was all delicious and lovely.

We took a trip this weekend to see our dear friends in Pasadena to celebrate the birth of their daughter, baby A. She is precious and looks a lot like her brother did when he was born. Sebastian followed J around the apt. and watched his every move. J was nice enough to share his toys and his snacks. I had forgotten how delicate and miniature newborn babes are and just kept looking at her tiny fingers and little button nose while she slept. We had a great time catching up and comparing delivery stories, discussing movies and eating good food together. It was the kind of visit that goes by too quickly and leaves you wanting to do it again very soon.

The need to make quilts has been overwhelming this week. Its that same desperate feeling I got when I was prego with Sebastian and needed to nest. I've been collecting and organizing fabrics for a few specific quilts and another large project involving beautiful curtains that need an equally beautiful lining. These curtains have been the project that is always on my mind but never in the works because it was never completely right in my imagination. I've finally got it figured out and hope to finish most of them by the end of the week. You'll have to visit another blog to see the finished product but all is under wraps for now.
Project #1

Project #2

Project #3

He's a big fan of helping.

So, back to work. The December kit is up for pre-order and I just received our add-ons in the mail today. They are custom made for RVKC and perfectly lovely. Those won't be available until Dec. 1st so check back. Thanks for looking and I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend.


Holly said...

Love that Cristmas tree fabric in one of your project sneaks! Looks like you've got lots of yummy new projects! :0)

photography4me said...

Hello Rachel, Thanks for the lovely pictures. My father is always the turkey cutter too. It was just the 3 of us this year, *myself*mom*&*dad* my boyfriend is always up north this time of year for deer hunting. He shot 4. All together there were 12. Im not a big venison eater. yuk!

Anyway you have a good week and cant wait to see your homemade things.

*danielle* said...

good luck w. all your projects! I just got my sewing machine and can't wait to do some sewing. YOu have such lovely fabrics. Where did you find them? I'm having troubles finding anything unique. Any way, have a great day!

Cara said...

great pictures - can't wait to see the mysterious curtains! :) they will be just perfect!

hope you had a great day!


RachelDenbow said...

I scored most of the Christmas fabrics at JoAnns.

Charin said...

Rachel, those pictures are so good! :) I hear you about being heavy on pictures, I have about 400to edit from last week! I have just a few up on my blog...glad you had a fun visit!

Cat said...

i love the little feet in the one picture of fabric:)

Amber Ulmer said...

Just lovely pictures... family memories.. hmmm... love it! Love the fabrics too!! Damasks!!! xoxo Oh, I moved to typepad!

Nikki Schreiner said...

Love, love, love all the fabrics. You put me in a quilting mood too :) Unrelated, I have a blogspot too and didn't know I could put more than five pics on one post. Is there a trick?

Marie said...

Those are great pics!! I love love love the fabric. Your son is sooo cute.