House of Happy

I got this beautiful box full of goodies from my new friend, Jessie, through this Holiday Garlands and Goodies swap that my other new friend, Candace set up. She matched us up so well! I couldn't believe how lovely each part of her gift was and have been inspired to put that much more effort into holiday packaging.

I made these little ornaments today for my swap partners. They don't know who they are so its okay to show them. I was inspired by an ornament I received last year around this same time from this lovely lady. She has such a fabulous stash of fabric and lovely ways of using them.

This is Fort*Happiness. Sebastian is still learning about the joys of fort building and fort using. I am, however, the momma to teach him about it. I spent many Saturday mornings with my brother 'neath chairs and blankets watching the Muppet Show, Popeye, and whatever else children of the early 80's watched.

I had the opportunity to babysit a 6 month old on Thursday as well as take care of a very confused Sebastian. He wasn't too happy with the arrangement but it was a great insight into the life of many Mommas'. I know that you adapt to your situations but I waved goodbye to that sweet little boy and counted my blessings that I only have one right now. The biggest challenge was coordinating nap times and nap places. I hadn't planned on getting any day time sewing in but once Sebastian went to bed, I was too worn out to do much evening crafting either.

Speaking of craftiness, if you haven't already checked out Silje's new Etsy shop, now is the time. She has been working on some really lovely tote bags that are going fast. Also, my friend, Cara, is opening her Etsy shop on Tuesday, Dec. 4th so don't forget to check out her lovely art pieces. I'll be announcing the Christmas list winners on Saturday afternoon so check back soon. TFL.


Michelle said...

Very sweet ornaments. That looks like a great swap partner! Such fun pretties. I adore the fort! Super fun!

Charin said...

That looks like such a fun package! :) And I really like your cute ornament. :)
Katie was introduced to two new babies under the age of two last week (my niece and nephew) they had a lot of fun playing together, but you are right about having to work hard to coordinate naps! :)

Jodie said...

oh what a sweet christmas gift, hehe i love your sons forte, sometimes i wish i had one of those to crawl into lol. i think the kid is onto something here!


Cara said...

1) your gifts are so precious

2) i too, as the oldest of three, was a master fort builder. in fact, if our parents had never given us toys, we would have been okay. i remember long cartoon-filled mornings of pretending that the floor was a lava pit and that we had to stay on all the different pieces of the sectional to stay alive. how much did my mom LOVE having us roll around the wood floors on the ottaman? so much!
also, we were never given the barbie dream house - so we made one! and OURS had an elevator made out of dixie cups and a intricate pully system. eat your heart out, barbie!

3) now, i also consider myself a child of the 80's (born in 1977; ages 3-13 during the 80's.) in my opinion, you don't GET more child of the 80's than ME. however, both my cousin and my husband (33 and 35) insist that i am in fact NOT a child of the 80's. their reasoning on this is weak but they will stand by it until they die. even after i was reminicing, just this morning, about my unicorn t-shirt with my name in velvety letters on the back!

4) thanks for the sweet link to my blog. i appreciate you!

5) enjoy the day!

sweetjessie@comcast.net said...

Yay! So glad your package arrived - Hope you like it!!

Jessica said...

ha! my kid's love making forts, despite the fact that we have TWO dora play tents in the house. somedays we lay sebastian down for a nap and when we go to check on him, he's under the bed with his pillow, playing with a toy! lol.