Stamp Winners

Congratulations to...

Cheryl said...
Congrats on your 100th sale!!! I'm probably going to make a bunch of minibooks and a lot of gift card holders using stamps.

Jill Deiling said...
congratulations on selling your 100th item! yay!

I like giving handmade gifts to my closest friends and family the best. It always means the most to those people too because I feel like it shows them how much you care about them! Making something definitely takes more time than just picking something up at the store. :)

Candice P.J. said...
Yay for # 100!!!

My family gives each other wish lists, so everyone gets what they want - but this year in honor of all things handmade, I will be attaching handmade felt ornaments on everyone's presents! (Like they do at the Hello Kitty Store!) Hopefully this will become a tradition that will last for years and years!

Thanks for the Christmas thoughts. It sounds like a lot of you already know what you're doing for everyone. I need addresses of the above three girls so feel free to send them to me @ redvelvetkitclub@gmail.com and mark it as Contest Winner.

I have a story to share with you all about my weekend but I have to wait for better light to take a pic to go along with it. I'm using up my evening time to finish the binding on the latest quilt so I can get it in the mail tomorrow. I'll post pics of that, too, but I needed to announce the winners tonight. We had an early Thanksgiving celebration at church tonight and it was lovely to spend some time visiting with everyone.

OK, more tomorrow!


rosie said...

Hi Rachel,

WTG ladies, sweet stamp!
Thanks for doing this drawing, even i didn't win ...it was still fun to try. ;o)

have a great & crafty day!

Tina said...

congrats ladies!

Boriquaz said...

Congrats to the winners, can't wait to see what story you have for us today, story time! story time! hehe (i so need to go back to bed lol)

Jill Deiling said...

yay, thanks so much rachel! You're so nice, im so excited i actually won something! lol. I'll send my address to ya now!