this week in pics

Here are a few pics to keep things fresh while time is overbooked.

This last pic is one of the prettiest ornaments I've ever seen. I love the silver tree so much. Thanks to Lindsay Duranceau! She sells her wares HERE!
I'll be back again. I promise.


Bekka said...

Her shop is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Great photo, too! Love the black and white one. You're so photogenic!

Lindsay said...

Your tree forest is just too cool! Love the colors with the teal deer!

So glad you loved your ornament too! Thanks again for mentioning the swap to me! :)

Cara said...

i loke your cute baby with his cute tummy hanging out!

happy happy friday!!!


Boriquaz said...

I love the tree with the blu edeer, that is too adorable and such a cute display.

Tina said...

just when I thought I didn't need anymore ornaments!

that's a cute photo of your little one :) Think I'm going to attempt those little trees this weekend.

Daniel Rhoten said...

Those pink trees look edible.

Michelle said...

love the pictures, Rachel...=) such yummy eye candy!

Kate said...

Do you have a pattern for those pink trees? I love them.

Cristina said...

Love the trees !!!! Very cute !