Flickr Favs.

1. From the wardrobe, 2. Untitled, 3. we'll all be here for you, 4. bonehead, 5. gray, 6. Real Living Magazine Nov. '07, 7. little otsu love, 8. saarinen, 9. Wardrobe, 10. Bedroom, 11. my kitchen wall, 12. The Boudoir, 13. two, 14. color, 15. Untitled, 16. guggenheim, 17. kitchen, 18. Bag shoes, 19. Room, 20. Guestroom, 21. Sad cowboy, 22. Right Brain Terrain {eco posters}, 23. the best kitchen colors ever, 24. perfect color combination, 25. Domino Magazine - Great Headboard, 26. West Elm Summer Quilt - I love the pattern and color, 27. From the blog: Making It Lovely, 28. 14 Studio Space by Starlee Matz, 29. Meet Tanya Whelan of Grand Revival Designs, 30. Blissliving {bedding}, 31. Blissliving {bedding}, 32. Coffee Cup Tags, 33. hmmm... interesting..., 34. lovely letters, 35. Power Poufs!, 36. domino
I only just now figured out how this works.

Oh, and if you're reading this Martha and/or Sarah Highfill, I am SO glad you all posted to say hi. I need your e-mails! Mine is in my profile. I was so happy to hear from you. (For those other than Martha and Sarah, we went to college together.)

I'll be away from the computer this weekend trying to finish up some projects in order to make way for a large one. Busy, busy. Its supposed to rain buckets here so it'll be a good excuse to stay inside and make stuff. Love to all!



Cara said...

big loves to you friend!
happy art making this weekend!

Lizee said...

your flickr is so vibrant!
have a fun weekend:)
stay dry!

miss morgan... said...

there is some majorly fun inspo in there lady! and i totally love your new banner!

shelly b said...

I still haven't figured out how to make one of those in flickr..granted I haven't really tried.

Marie said...

Ditto on what Shelly said! LOL! It looks neat tho! Hope you had a productive and fun weekend my dear!