Handmade Journal Kits

February's Project Kit is everything you need to make a journal for your doodles and secrets. Make lists, test out pens, write love notes or fill with pictures of your mom. Using a journal that is already visually stimulating will make writing in it more fun. It frees up your thoughts in ways blank pages don't and you can mess up and call it part of the process. Add your own masking tape, paper clips, staples and handwriting to make something lovely to look at on your shelf.
Find one for your hot little hands HERE.

*EDITED: I've just added 10 more to the shop this morning (2/15/08 @ 7:50 a.m.). Thanks for the great response!


Michelle said...

Those are just beautiful!

Marie said...

I got mine! Yipee!!

Carly said...

i'm so excited that i finally ordered something before they were sold out! thanks!