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I watched about six hours of 'What Not To Wear' with both of my parents today. We're all sick. Sebastian, also sick, has been so good. It reminded me of the day before I had Sebastian in 2006. I 'technically' went into labor and started having the back pain contractions, although they were unexpected so I didn't think of them as contractions. I was ordered to stay in bed all day to keep my blood pressure down so I was so thankful that the WNTW marathon was on. I've probably seen every episode and a few reruns since then. Sebastian and I used to watch it at lunch after his naps. Its our show.

Enjoy your weekend!


Lisa said...

aw, I hope you get to feeling better soon ((hugs))

Jessica said...

I've been sick too!! Take care of yourself. :)

Charin said...

I hope you feel better very soon! I can't believe that I missed the marathon! That's one of my favorite shows :) :) Love Stacy's sassy sense of humor and Clinton's smiles :)

miss morgan... said...

so pretty! i am especially in love with the project kit and add-on! yummy!

Marie said...

Oh my I love it all and I got it all! WOOT!!!

Michelle said...

oooh...I love WNTW....=) yummy!! Sorry to hear you've come done with a cold, too!! That sucks!! Hope it hurries on by you! =)