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Really excited about This inspo
This print
This necklace
This blog
This wee thing
And this company.

The weekend is coming. What is inspiring you?


Veronica said...

dude, you are. I need to take more pictures of everyday things like toes, my morning oatmeal, my table full of scrapiness, my pile of clean clothes....


Quiet Violet said...

I can't WAIT for the weekend. I mean, It's nice having the house to mysel while D is at work, but it's always better when we're together.

I love the little toes! :D

polinka said...

great pictures!!

dani j. said...

the fact that I just found out they're making a movie out of The Time Traveler's Wife and that it's starring Rachel McAdams.

Heather Bailey's amazing trash ties.
they make me really excited to play them when my hair gets long!

and Jack Johnson's latest album. He's so mellow and meaningful.... it's a nice change of pace!


Amber Ulmer said...

wow.. Rach... I just love love ur self portraits and the fun shots of your day! This weekend is going to be HUGE... birthday was yesterday and Josh has some super surprise trip planned for the weekend. WE leave tomorrow morning.. 4 am... Totally stoked!! And totally anxious!

Cara said...

going to NYC this weekend - THAT is inspiring me to put down this computer and GO PACK! :)

elliebelle said...

You haircut is inspiring me to cut mine! :) I have curly hair too...
This blog is also fun - http://garancedore.fr/ I can't read it since it is in French, but the fashion pics are great.
Oh, and Hillary Lang's cute dolls on Wee Wonderfuls. www.weewonderfuls.com

anne_rausminiu said...

that kiva company sounds soooo awesome! i gonna blog about this right away to spread the word!!!

and by the way.. you are tagged!
i hope you are having fun with this little game!

tell us 6 unimportant things about you on your blog
link back to my blog
and tag 6 more people and link back to their blog
and warn them on their side!!!


Tina said...

very inspiring links. loved the first one. what's got me going these days.....the daylight, the promise of spring, the grey jersy knit dress I just bought, & sfgirlbybay.blogspot.com.

oh and thanks for getting me hooked on yogurt with raspberries. ;) It's like dessert. I've been enjoying it everyday this week!

ARob said...

I'm glad you asked because you have totally been inspiring me lately. I love that you are doing what you love for a living. Everyday I wish I had the courage to hang up my hat and stay home to craft for a living. But, since it remains a hobby, I can live vicariously through reading your blog. Thanks for inspiring me!

evan said...

You are inspiring to me! Check out the painting I did based on your beautiful yellow flower here...


Thanks so much for sharing it...
I'm also inspired by Cinnamon on Flickr:


I love the pictures... you make a BEAUTIFUL mama!

Michelle said...

...love the links and the cute photos! =) Juno is still inspiring me..lol..I throw that soundtrack on and I just want to make happy things all day long! =) happy weekend!

Holly said...

Lovely finds! Thanks for sharing, Rachel!