Monday's Favorites

My creation
1. clock watching, 2. Roman Holiday, 3. Pitstop, 4. Velocity. Como una moto., 5. Berlin Holiday, 6. Untitled, 7. and there will be no other, 8. Vespa Revised, 9. Rot-Gelb-Blau, 10. carolina2, 11. i love my yellow, i do., 12. Boating, 13. My Vespa, 14. The most elegant mode of transportation, 15. The Stream..., 16. love at first sight, 17. IMG_1721, 18. IMG_1832, 19. Red Leaf Vintage Textures, 20. Red Leaf Studios, 21. Soner Ozenc Mirrors, 22. It's Not Me It's YOU Print - NEW!, 23. F is for Fabulous!, 24. 73/366, 25. easter morning, 26. set, 27. clouds_1, 28. these flowers will never die, 29. Gold, 30. 2008_0115Jan150015, 31. nautical portrait, 32. TwoGirls_VWbus_sunny.jpg, 33. Ewan Wonderland mag, 34. Hemingway's Bathroom, 35. pola012_2, 36. simple kitchen, white & wood & metal


S+D said...

I am so excited to see my friends on part of your Monday mosaic! #31. They are the nicest people you will ever meet - and so, so talented! If you like their work, please check out their blog, which has a link to their etsy store: http://labpartners-sf.blogspot.com/

Thanks for sharing your creative adventures, Rachel! I am always inspired.

Marie said...

Ohhh love the favs. SO wonderful to look at.

kim said...

Been to Henningway's Bathroom!

Cammeron said...

I have got to figure out how to do this. I wanted to do a favorites post today and I was just going to post a bunch of pics. Maybe I'll go scope it out.