Pretty Mama Day

I woke up without the sunniest of outlooks on the week but I knew if I didn't put some effort into my day, it would only get worse. SO, today became another 'Pretty Mama Day'. The hair went up with a scarf and then the lip gloss and shades. Every 'Pretty Mama Day' needs to be documented so Sebastian got in his new wagon and we went for a walk around the neighborhood with our camera. We both felt better by noon.

I know its been a LONG time since the stamp give away but I appreciate your patience. The two winners are:

My name is Annie and my favorite smell is fresh laundry. (Who can resist the smell of a newborn baby, though?)

I love the smell of cinammon. So "home-y" and warm...like my parents' house!

So, send me your mailing address, ladies and I'll get them in the mail!

Working on the last bits of a huge job this week as well as a few new fun opportunities. One of which is THIS new challenge blog. Its all about reusing found bits and pieces and turning them into art. Its right up my alley so I was so glad Kara asked me to be a GD. Go check out the mini album she made from a vintage sewing pattern.

Watched 'Into The Wild' last night. I felt like it was an insight into human relationships and the courage it takes to do something so unknown and unpredictable. We also managed to fit in 'Beowolf', 'SuperBad' and another movie that I can't remember for the life of me! We were waiting to find 'Darjeeling Limited' at the redbox but were always a little too late.

Sebastian is starting to use two-word phrases. I never thought I'd be so excited over this but after a little worrying a few months ago that he wasn't using any spoken words at all, its a big deal. We were letting the water drain from his bath on Saturday and he just up and said, 'Bye, bubbles'. We've been adding 'Bye' to every other word he knows just to encourage his speech. It immediately changed my perception of him. Its like when you run into someone who speaks another language and then they say something you can understand. He's been feeling yucky for so long that now that his energy has returned, he seems older. We spent a lot of time outside.

Back to work! Even on 'Pretty Mama Day'.



Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

I love that picture--you do look so pretty, mamma!

Lindsay said...

The "Bye, bubbles" made me chuckle! How cute!

The Art is Found seems like a really neat blog...will have to keep checking it out!

Hope the rest of your "Pretty Mama Day" goes well! :)


Melanie said...


My husband and I are in the same boat trying to save money. He was actually able to download a copy of Darjeeling Limited so if you like i can have him burn it to a disc and send it your way. I love it!!


Cara said...

go pretty mamma, GO!!!!

(hugs to you on this day, sweet sweet rachel! and say hi to brett for me, too!)

Bekka said...

You rock pretty mama day! :D

Veronica said...

So glad S is better. Ethan was sick for 3 weeks (flu and cold) ugh.

It took Ethan a while to speak too. He has problems pronouncing letters. He talks like a NY boy. He can't say the "r" or "l". Which at time is so helpful, cause I say, "lame" a lot...and he has decided that it's his favorite word. Ugh. So he says, "Wain" which sounds like "rain" hahah. So when he says the word we say, "yes, rain is outside, up in the sky." Albert and I have used it as code for "lame" heheh bad parents. When someone is truly acting lame, we say, "It's RAINing outside!"

Dorks??...you bet! ;)

Sorry for the long post. See? We need to hang out dude! You should join Lisa and I at PFoT for wed night crops.

Marie said...

Ohhh i need a pretty mama day so bad! What a great thing to have. You inspire me. Beautiful pic of you!

How did you like super bad? I thought it was kinda funny but way to many unnecessary cuss words. I'm all about freedom of speech and am so not uptight about that kinda stuff but man that even made me cringe lol!

Im glad little man is feeling better our family just caught yet ANOTHER cold! BLAH! THank goodness it didnt go straight to my sons lungs as usual!

Anyway its beautiful here but looks like rain soon. I kinda wouldnt mind the rain. :)

Holly said...

"Pretty Mama Day," indeed! Such a gorgeous photo. :0) Did you enjoy Superbad? I was a little let-down after all the hype. I'm with Marie...a little too much unnecessary cussing for me. I'm not a prude, but that much profanity was a little much!

Crystal said...

You look great in that scarf and shades. I am gonna have to get a couple scarves and try that look myself. :)

Michelle said...

I'm happy to hear that your day got better. I love that new challenge blog. Thanks for sharing. I'm thrilled to read that Sebastian is starting to speak more. :D

Michelle said...

...love Pretty Mama Day...=) such a cool idea..he he...and I'm so dying to see "Into the Wild"...I'll have to rent it...=) the Darjeeling rocks, hopefully you can rent it soon!!

Sarah said...

I so love your idea of "Pretty Mamma Day!" Definately gives a different outlook to those ho-hum kindof days.