Its my dream to take my family and meet up with the Red Velvet Girls at this fabulous event!

Check out the SXSW Music Player on the side bar of the official site to get a shuffle sample of new artists at the event.

A few years back when RVA was about making stuff and selling it at music festivals I submitted a form to be a vendor here but we were too small a business with too little vending history to make it. It would've probably overwhelmed us but still would've been so much fun to work.
Elsie, Emma and I have some great memories from Cornerstone Music Festival in Illinois, though. One year there was so much dust blowing through the grounds that all of our product was covered in a thin film so everything looked like it had been sitting out in someone's yard for years. Emma made jewelry out of guitar picks that sold like hot cakes. Elsie made wallets, pins and bags out of reused catalogs as well as fun broches and jewelry out of ribbon and beads. If you've never seen her painted shoes, you should ask her about them. They were genius. I reworked vintage skirts and dresses into one of a kind outfits and sold leather journals and bracelets. We dressed up every day and met some of our favorite Indie bands and got a ton of inspiration from little emo kids. Someday, we'll probably take Sebastian with us and celebrate his birthday there.

So, speaking of music...What is your new favorite band? Has anyone yet heard of Jose Gonzalez? What about Steve Earle? Or Loney, Dear? Their song 'Sinister in a State of Hope' is my favorite.


Kara said...

my sister and i are headed downtown tonight. i have been flooded with email evites and things since we are from austin. i LOVE the atmosphere during SXSW!! its such a cool vibe!

Mandy said...

I love heartbeats from Jose Gonzales, so beautiful! I also love music from Amy MacDonald at the moment. This is the Life, Poison Prince and Mr Rock & Roll in particular! I also like Regina Spektor, Yael Naim etc.

miss morgan... said...

jose gonzales is lovely sleepy time creative music!

Marie said...

OMG that would be so fun and it sounds like you guys had a wonderful time! I will check out all those music artists because I have never heard of them.

Danielle said...

Love Jose G and Lonely Dear! I'm lovin' Angus and Julia stone and Jacob Golden.

Walnut said...

i love cornerstone!!!