Where Do You Rest Your Ideas?

Made this mini book for THIS BLOG. You can see the rest of it HERE.

If you're a fan of blogs that knock your socks off with eye candy and links, you may also enjoy Design Is Mine.

I recently saw this link on Michelle's blog and saved it.

I got to spend the whole afternoon with one of my favorite people today. Katy and I go way back to '95! We've got more stories from one week at camp in high school than I've had in the last three years of my life. We sat in lawn chairs in the backyard and let the sun do its part while we caught up on life. Did I mention that we got to drive the grey van with the pink flames?

I'm really excited to be much closer to her and a few other friends in a few months. I miss you Katy!


Cat said...

NOw that's the way to jazz up a mini van!!

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

that is one kickass van

Holly said...

Wowza! That's one cool mini-van! Cute little book you made there too! :0)

dani j. said...

thank you for the comment on my whiney clothes post...
seriously, thank you.
I know that, while I'm in the middle of these situations it's so much more overwhelming/frustrating than when I look back at them. It's just so hard to keep a good point of view when I'm right in the middle of it... trying though!
but thank you again. it always means something to hear from other people and just get some sort of... hmmmm... understanding?? good to know this too shall pass!