I Think You're Just So Pleasant

Elle's Studio is having a blog party today and you're all invited. I've heard mention of give aways and new product debuts so make sure you stop by and check the schedule.

The above image is not a give away but it is yummy to look at. Brett is learning about Vespas so its on the mind.

San Francisco was almost a week ago but the after glow is lingering. Its so refreshing for the imagination to have an exciting change of scenery, change of pace. Its like opening the windows and letting the spring air in to blow the stale air away. There were so many 'best parts' that I can't put them in order of importance but the VERY best part of any trip is spending new time with my family and especially my husband. We did road trips a lot in college so it takes us back to the fluttery days of young love set to lots of indie music.

I felt less intimidated than expected on the walk to Rare Device to see if I could meet Lisa Congdon. Mostly I tried to remember that she did a show called the 'Tenderhearted' because she is one. I knew it would not be an encounter that left me wanting to slip out after the second awkward pause. We walked about 1.5 miles from our hotel to the shop and as we figured out if the baby jogger should go inside or stay outside, I looked up and saw her at the desk. She helped us bring the jogger in and introduced Sebastian to Wilfredo, her pup. We talked a little about the strange weather, her upcoming shows, how good Wilfredo is with her niece and nephew and our move to the Midwest. I browsed around and other people came in to shop but it was a really easy feeling considering I was coming into her store to meet her as a fan of her work. That can be an awkward time on any level of admiration. Brett took our picture as Sebastian was scurrying around after Wilfredo who was trying to snag his cheerios and then we said goodbye. She helped us out the door again and we took our Rare Device goodies with us in search of a few Vespas. I was really happy to have met Lisa, but more happy that I did something that was brave. I think my dad explains that every inaction due to fear leads to further fear, and every brave step forward moves you away from it.
Something like that anyway. See, Dad. I do listen.

Three other major highlights of the trip were (1) meeting Nikki and her friend Courtney at the (2) Alameda Antique Show and eventually finding (3) Marie at the correct Starbucks in Manteca. It was a full 36-ish hours of new and exciting moments.

I can't stop looking at this picture of the quilt I brought home from the Show. My Grandmother in Oklahoma managed to find the couple that this quilt was made for and they are still alive and in California! She found their address and sent it to me. I'm so curious about all the reasons this quilt would be special to them and what their life was like and why it was separated from them, etc. so I'm going to sit down and write them a letter sometime to let them know I have it. I'm halfway scared they'll want it back but if the roles were reversed...

I've got a few LO's to share this weekend.

I hope you have some sunshine for breakfast.


Jogirl said...

Hey there, I am soooo digging this scooter, it rocks!

Dani said...

did you get your title from She and Him??

because they are just ruling my world right now..

your posts always make me so happy :).


RachelDenbow said...

Yes, I was listening to your music feed as I finished typing this and just listened for something sweet in the lyrics because I wasn't coming up with anything witty at such a late hour.

I love that you noticed the title as lyrics. I didn't know that was the band but I heard about them recently and was interested in hearing their sound.

katie said...

how sweet is it that your grandma found the quilt couple for you! love that.

Lisa Leonard said...

Sounds perfect! You have a way with words.., I feel like I was there.

Veronica said...

Hey Rachel
Lisa and I were wondering when is the packing party :) We totally don't need a kit, we just wanted to help a girl out :)
Dude, anyway, we sould just scrap together...that would be so much fun!

RachelDenbow said...

E-mail me.

Kinsey said...

Ooohhh, loving the vespa dollface! Supercute :) So glad you met new people and had tons of good times :)