I'm Better

Ya'all are the best at making a girl feel loved. I laughed my way through many of your comments. THANKS!

Enjoying these lovely blogs lately.
Making It Lovely
Paper Pony
Heart Handmade
Mati Rose
Oh Joy!
Jen Gotch Photography
Wondering if I could make one of these myself.

And I'd like one of everything from this shop.


CandiMandi said...

I'm in love with Three Potato Four as well. They are so lovely!
Thanks for stopping by my blog (I stop by your quite often actually) and please come again! :)
(that last sentance gives away my waitress past!)

shelly b said...

thanks for the threepotatofour link...very cool.

Marie said...

Yay im glad you are better! We all have those days...Mine are sometimes more then most ppls lol! Lovin that last place!

Michelle said...

Glad you had a better day. Sending hugs your way. :D

Sara said...

Awesome links - thanks!

Michelle Sanders said...

So glad you are in better spirits. If it helps any...your last post was quite entertaining. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better today. I was killing myself laughing at your last post because I've had many of those days myself. I always feel better when I've told someone about it, so hope you did too. My friend and I always say "a crappy day shared, is a crappy day halved", although the word "crappy" is usually substituted with someone a big stronger! Donna

miss morgan... said...

awww! glad life is feeling peachier! sending lovely thoughts yoru way!

Holly said...

Bryan and I took a mini-vaca to Raleigh this weekend. The main reason? Because they FINALLY built an Urban Outiftters there! *sigh* I could have dropped my entire bank account in there. But, we went with the mission to get Bryan some new clothes, so I was good. I only came away with a t-shirt, and a set of owl salt & pepper shakers. It was so hard! LOL!

béné said...

rhoo i want the same to seat on it..