Road Trip

I was reading about the Alameda Antique Show today and realized its happening again this weekend and decided I needed to be there. Brett and I had been talking about a trip to the Bay Area for his birthday so it didn't take much convincing to make plans to leave Saturday morning and make a weekend of it.
I've been reviewing sfgirlbybay for some tips on how we should spend our time in one of the most brilliant cities in the country. How many times have I been to Pier 39 but walked past countless photo booths and local galleries? I'm hoping to make it to Rare Device but I will share with you that I'm at the same time hopeful and afraid that Lisa Congdon will actually be there! Its one thing to e-mail someone, admire their flickr feed, check their blog, but to meet said artist in person means I can't erase what I was going to say three times and keep an appearance of radness. Its enough to keep me from introducing myself at all and just cruising through and taking pics. Not going to happen, though. I need to be vulnerable and brave and shake a hand. Because awkward is beautiful, right?
I'll be taking both my digital and my polaroid cameras on the trip and I plan on taking an obnoxious amount of pictures in the city. If anyone wants to meet up on Sunday afternoon for coffee/tea in or near San Francisco, I'd love to hang out. Send me an e-mail.
I shall leave you with pretty things to look at. Happy weekend.

1. my kitchen (after), 2. Interview with Pieces Owner Lee Kleinhelter, 3. Untitled, 4. Giant Golden Book of Biology - Illustrations by Charles Harper, 5. cozy.corner, 6. one.dress.finished, 7. na na na, 8. 24032008, 9. Untitled, 10. little deer, 11. Untitled, 12. Untitled, 13. cutmecutme!, 14. Untitled, 15. Ava, 16. Vespa- the Anti-Hummer


shelly b said...

Have fun girl...and we're planning on heading out that way this summer...so can't wait to hear all about it!

Dani said...

lol, probably every email I write I end up erasing and retyping three times.... the internet makes being social so much easier for me. I hope if you do get to meet Lisa that you are vulnerable and awkward and that it's amazing.

have a lovely time!!! can't wait to see pictures.


Cara said...

please have 100% fun and remember that awkward is the best kind of beautiful!


wish i could meet you on sunday.
there are just a few things standing in my way . . . mainly utah and nevada! :)

have fun!
email soon!

katie said...

thanks for pointing out that awkward is beautiful, it's a sentiment that makes me feel a little better about myself. :) have fun in san francisco, how nice it must be to live within driving distance of such a wonderful place!

*Swell* Mel said...

I usually just read your blog without commenting but I had to say something because of one line in your post stopped me in my tracks... "awkward is beautiful". That's so true and beautiful. Thank you for the reminder. Have a great trip. :)

kerry lynn said...

oh man.
i wish i could come down to see you!
dude, i'm only an hour away!!
alameda is amazing!
have a great time!

Marie said...

Well i called you to see if it was tmw u wanted to meet up and now i see it is...sooo with that being said what time and ill try to make it no matter how nervous i am lol! I am the same as you so hopefully we wont sit there and stare at each other lmao!!!!

nikki peterson said...

check your email.

Michelle said...

Oh I am so happy that you are having a get away weekend. Wish I could meet up with you today but I won't be off work until 5:30pm. It sounds like you'll have a wonderful time!

Charin said...

How fun! :) I would love to come hang out...sometimes I wish I had a bunch of frequent flyer miles built up :)
Happy birthday Brett!! :)

Michelle said...

Omigosh...Have an awesome weekend!! Sounds like so much fun!

Lauren said...

I'm struggling somewhere between being really excited for you and your trip and overly jealous that I won't be going along. (kidding! your trip just sounds SO fun!)
I can't wait to view said obnoxious amounts of photos!
Take care!
p.s. I experienced one of those 'beautifully awkward moments' a year ago when I met one of my blog idols in real-life...it was worth it!

andrea said...

no lie, we have planned our entire family vacation around the alameda show in june. :) well okay. we've been dying to hit SF ever since we moved out west so I'm sure we'll be doing more than just hitting that fleamarket.

and-- recently met lisa congdon at her show here in portland. she is super chill. you've got to stop by rare device!

bet I'll be asking you for bay area recommendations soon. and how about some photobooth strips? I hear the b&w booth at the musee mechanique is tops.

happy travels!

Cammeron said...

"Its one thing to e-mail someone, admire their flickr feed, check their blog, but to meet said artist in person means I can't erase what I was going to say three times and keep an appearance of radness"

hehe! i liked this part

Jodi said...

Rachel - how do you get elements to appear on both sides of your blog? Please do tell! :)