We gave up finding the camera cord and bought another one. There's nothing like an empty camera and a full cache of photos unless you are more excited about what is in the photos, which I am. I'm LOVING the flea markets in the Midwest!
If looking at pictures of thrifted items gives you the itch to leave work early and hit up your local second-hand store, don't blame me when your boss asks you to see him in his office tomorrow morning. I'll deny it all.

One of my favorites so far.

I have a few more exciting before/after pictures in the works so once they are all completely finished, I'll show you how I spruced up some old pieces for our new home. If you'd like to see a few more pics from the summer of thrifting, look here.

Today's task list includes finishing two sets of lined curtains and trying not to inhale spray paint while messing with more candlesticks. I spent the better portion of an hour last night going through my flickr favorites to remind myself of some ideas that popped in my head while looking at other people's rooms. I then spent the better portion of another hour lying in bed imagining how I could arrange Sebastian's bed between two bookcases when I should have been sleeping. Too much visual stimulation for Rachel. I do recommend revisiting flickr favorites when you're in a creative rut, though. It never fails to trigger something.

A few other favorites:

*the new Coldplay album.
*woodgrain contact paper
*pink spray paint
*garage sales
*puffy clouds
*tall ceilings
*farmer's markets
*my staple gun
*firework stands
*gas stations
*ice water
*sparkly lightning bugs
*wrinkly swim toes
*late night movies
*big ideas

What is making life special right now?



~wenhether~ said...

Having the next 3 day's off is making life pretty sweet right now for me!!

I love all of your flea market finds!! Their greattt!!!

Live laugh LOVE,

Lauren Z said...

I ADORE that type-writter! SO awesome! The flea market\thrift stores are SO picked over here in SLO (in CA) where flea marketing is a past time- so I never score cool stuff like that!

Well- what is special for me- is that I am worknig on Opening a Etsy store! I am still creating, and working on items for the store (paintings, embroidery patterns, kits and more) and so that is exciting- but it takes alot of time- but I am excited for it. I think that I will be launching the store i after the holiday weekend in a few weeks- if you wanna check it out it will be

anyway- I have missed reading your posts, and I cannot wait to see the new place with all the awesome goodies!

alittlebitofscrap said...

Love the color palette that you are working with. I esp like the chair. We only have a few shops here. It is hard for me to sleep too sometimes when I have ideas rolling around in my head... good luck with that :)

Meg said...

We got an offer on our house today! We might get to move :) :) :)

Genevieve said...

Oh my, I love your finds! Flea-marketing is the best, my hometown has a HUGE one in August every year, the biggest in the area, so I can't wait for that to come!

In the meantime, open fields and iced coffees are my special blessings right now :)

Can't wait to see more pics!

Charin said...

You are making me want to go thrifting, for sure! :)

Cathryn Sypert (Mandy) said...

Thrifting always makes me happy. What is making me happy right now is that I am spending the ENTIRE day in my studio creating. I have not been this inspired in a long time. I am also happy because I am going shopping ALONE on Friday! That NEVER happens!

Mandi said...

Ooooh our flea markets SO aren't that cool! But right now, I cannot complain, cause our antique mall offered up some awesome stuff on the cheap this week. :)

Melonie said...

OMG that typewriter is so cool! I am going thrifting tomorrow and after looking at your post I won't be sleeping tonight...imagining all of the treasure that awaits me.

Manda said...

I'm totally jealous of all your thrifted items. It really does make me want to go out and thrift shop tonight (unfortunately I'm not in a place where I can do that, so I guess I must live vicariously through you : ) ) Thanks for all your pictures, your blog truly does inspire me.

Maja said...

Love all your new stuff and I became quite addictive reading this blog...
New Coldplay album, iced coffee and strawberry banana smoothie on my own in the afternoon is what makes my life more efficient these days...cannot stop singing...write more, Rachel...I cannot wait to see photos of your new home...All the best, Maja

kim brimhall said...

Love the finds...LOVE the photos...and LOVE that you are settling!


Liz said...

The summer sun and getting to spend this time with my daughter is definitely making life sweet! And I love all your thrift store/flea market finds (we've got similar tastes!). Can't wait to see how you use them!

margaret said...

Rainy days are making my life sweet right now!
Plus, the farmers market is tomorrow. I love all your great finds!

kimmithylaine said...

LOVE your finds! Def got me wanting to shop around!

Sara said...

Ahhh! You found my typewriter. I've been unsuccessfully bidding on aqua typewriters on ebay for two months. But probably good because we too will have to move in a couple months. I dream of walking into a thrift store and finding one...I do miss the midwest for that, among other things.

Anonymous said...

i covet your typewriter. right now i am in love with woodgrain patterns, messy hair, big sunglasses, hummingbirds, and mojitos.

Jessica Turner said...

My pregnancy is almost over and little Elias is almost here!! I made some cute accents for his room while on bed rest this weekend. :)

Kate said...

ok, the typewriter...AWESOME! the woodgrain thermos...AWESOME! the new Coldplay...AWESOME! no other words needed! :D

Margaret said...

Check out my roadside find on my blog. It made my day!

OpaqueSkies said...

welcome to Springtown. happy getting settled in. just wanted to stop by and say I miss reading The Life and Times of Rachel Denbow. ;)

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