Eeeny, Meenie, Miney, Mo...

Blogger Marcy said...

Just last week I picked up some locker baskets and a globe!!! I've been looking for those for so long!!

So, Blogger Marcy Penner is the winner. HA. Even your name rhymes. Send me your addy and your three favorite things from the shop and I'll surprise you with one of them! Oh, and has anyone seen the photography of her kids on her blog? So beautiful.

Its been a deliriously long week, ya'all. Make that two months. But, I keep telling Brett how happy I am to be here, in this town, in this house, in this 'job'. Well, now its 'jobs'. Bring on the tired eyes, the weary mind, the short temper...I digress. I've been fortunate to have a patient AND good-looking husband.

I went to a flea market with my Katy friend this afternoon and bought the COOLEST lamp (which I'm keeping) and the second coolest carafes (which I'm selling in the shop next week). I've never seen these before.

On to more fun! I'm teaching an online journaling/mini class that starts August 7th. I'll be putting up more details on Sunday but the cost is $25 and I'll be selling slots in my RVA Etsy shop (Sunday). Its going to include eight tutorials, access to a TON of my old art journals, and a few other surprises which may or may not include an appearance from a dear friend of mine who happens to now be about 1 mile away. And she scrapbooks. And she has great sunglasses. And she makes the best chili ever. EVER. So, check back on Sunday!




Mandi said...

I love your shop. Truly. :)

~wenhether~ said...

An online class? YEAhhhhh!!!

Charin said...

Congrats to your winner!! :)
And the online class sounds like so much fun!

Elsie Flannigan said...

you made my day with your "chili" comment. haha.

i love you.

Marcy said...

oooh yay!!! So excited! Thanks Rachel!