A Lovely, Happy, Melty Kind of Weekend

No more long distance phone calls for us.

I just spent the day with two of my favorite people in the whole world. The best part is that I can do it all over again next week!

Katy and her mom have been providing us with easy entertainment and farmer's market produce this week. They love a good treasure hunt and have taught Sebastian how to sign for 'train'.

Elsie knows the best sushi restaurants in town and also indulges me in visits to local flea markets and coffee shops.

I was pinching myself this afternoon after a full day with these two incredible friends to make sure all this goodness was real. I haven't been so excited about living somewhere in a long time. I love it here. I love being so close to people who have known me for as long as it matters. Close to the art and culture of an exciting downtown atmosphere. Close to easy, Midwestern people and the comfort of balmy evenings full of lightning bugs and the sound of pick-up trucks. We belong here.

Sebastian and I have discovered a park only two blocks from our doorstep. Ironically, Elsie and I did an art camp there for the neighborhood children about four summers ago. Happy memories met us on the swings.

We found a couch today. We sold our table. We're still gathering and sending out and making it just right. Soon we'll have something pretty to show you.

Off to Arkansas to see Brett's grandparents and peruse the local flea markets.

Have a lovely Sunday.


~wenhether~ said...

It's nice to hear about your lovely new place! Can't wait to see pics! The park down the street sounds wonderful!

Charin said...

It's so great to hear you so happy and peaceful about your move!! :) :) Enjoy it girl!

Mandi said...

Ooooh it does sound melty! :)

OpaqueSkies said...

I heart those gladiator sandals ;)

Joy said...

Don't you just love putting a new place together? Sounds like you've found the perfect place to live!

Dani said...

So glad you are settling in! It is always nice to live in a place where you can be with friends and family all the time without having to make travel arrangements to do so! Enjoy!!

Jill Deiling said...

it sounds like you had a great weekend, im so glad you love it there! :)

Michelle said...

Oh I'm so glad to hear you are loving it there. I've never seen lightning bugs in real life. I bet they are cool!

Teresa said...

I am so happy for you and your family. Life is grand here in the midwest, shh, it's a secret!!
I am looking forward to all your loveing finds and the pics I am sure you will share of your lovely new place to call home.

cara harjes said...

midwest people DO = easy. nicely said.
glad you are finally "home" and feeling cozy and nesty and happy! i have a trip to columbia, mo planned for next month. we'll be close! ;)