Because Birthdays Should Be Savored

I opened cards as they came in the mail.
I unwrapped packages a few days early.
I spent full afternoons and evenings with my favorite people.
I got to pick out the movie we saw.
I was allowed to sleep in an extra hour.
I treated myself with my favorite things without over-indulging and wishing I hadn't.
I enjoyed every last bit of this birthday week.

All party pics are borrowed from Elsie. You can see the rest HERE.

Sebastian has had an excess of energy lately so we've been trying to help him expend it so we can all maintain our sanity. One of our favorites is letting him jump on our bed and I finally got the bright idea to actually photograph him this week. He would do it all afternoon if I'd let him. We make sure to cover the corners of the end tables with pillows and keep a close eye on him when he gets really into it. Thankfully our bed is too tall for him to attempt this when we're not in the room.

Sebastian has become a champion sleeper at night but this week he's been waking up around 2 a.m. wanting to play and watch Elmo. The first night he kept telling me about a yellow choo-choo and an airplane outside and that he was scared so I got him some milk and calmed him down and two hours later he finally went back to sleep. This has happened three nights in a row now with each night taking less time for him to go back to sleep but every time we put him down for a nap or for the evening he has told me he is scared of the choo-choo. I can't figure out why he's started this night waking all of the sudden and wonder where this fear of the 'yellow choo-choo' came from.
So, I'm wondering if any of you who have had similar experiences could share your thoughts or outcomes. I'm sure its nothing to worry over but I know a full night's sleep would do us all a lot of good.

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Be back soon.


Charin Adams said...

I'm so glad you had a fun birthday!! :) :)
I *love* those cute pictures of Sebastian :) He's adorable!
I don't have any stories quite like that to share yet, but I hope he starts sleeping better for you both!

cara harjes said...

i did a week long overnight babysitting gig a few years ago. every night, the three year old would wake up and SCREAM - which, in turn would wake up the one year old.
did i mention i had a cold?

SO, after about three nights of that non-sense, i spent the day "educating" him . . . i realized that the air vent was scaring him, so we put his favorite t-shirt over it and i think a stuffed animal to protect it. he would always ask for water . . . his mom used a porcelien cup, in the bathroom. so instead, i prepared a sippy cup and put it on his night table. then moved the bed closer to the table so he could reach it. then ALL DAY, i practiced with him . . . "SO, if you get scared, what are you going to do? right. come to my bedroom and wake me up. are you going to scream??? NO, that's right. you don't need to scream. do you need to scream? no, that's right.. you don't."

it worked.

good luck.

great birthday pics- so happy you had a great week! and FABULOUS bed jumping pics!

Sarah M said...

I only have a 15month old, so he is still taking one nap in the afternoon. Maybe S is ready to give up his nap so he isn't waking up at night? I would totally still do "quiet bed time" though (put books/toys on his bed with him but he has to play quietly). I can't imagine loosing the naptime though! Best of luck.

Mandi Johnson said...

yay for happy birthday and boys who are allowed to jump on beds! I think you must be a wonderful mother. truly. :)i

jen geigley said...

mama called the doctor and the doctor said, 'it's okay if you use pillows to cover sharp corners when your kid needs to jump on the bed.'

LOL. Loved this. Looks like he's having a blast.

My niece used to wake up at night and during naps crying and she told us that she had nightmares. We asked her what they were about and she would cry and say 'butterflies.' Like in a very pitiful way.

It was a short phase though - maybe it will pass?

Annette D said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! from Indianapolis, IN.

nancy said...

When I was around three I couldn't sleep and told my parents I could hear a "choo choo train" in my ears, and it was so loud I couldn't sleep. Turned out it was my pulse and it was loud because there was something wrong with my eardrums. I had to see the doctor.Just a thought.

Hope he sleeps better soon. Love your blog!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful week. But why stop there? Drag it out for another couple days. Its so fun. Love the photos of S jumping on the bed. Sorry to hear about the nightmares. I remember my recurring nightmares as a child being completely irrational.

Something having to do with whales and endless rolling grassy hills with yellow dandelions. I'm sure its just a phase. Hopefully it ends soon.

Maria InĂªs said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!! =)

Anonymous said...

My son Connor (who's about to turn 3) has been that way off and on his whole life. It's just one of those things. Your son may be hitting a growth spurt (maturity one) and doesn't need to nap as long during the day. That has happened to Connor - all of a sudden, wham! they change! Talk to your Pediatrician about it - or try a new night light for him. Connor's is actually a lighted fish tank lamp - very cool and soothing. Good Luck! Amy

SoulPony said...

My son Lance did the same thing when he first went to his own room. When we got to the root of the problem it was Batman. He had picked out a big poster of Batman that he wanted in his room and it was hanging larger than life on the wall. When I asked why he was afraid to sleep in his room all of a sudden he said, "I'm afwayed of Batman. We put Batman away and he was fine from then on.

jenn said...

Sometimes it can be a mind over matter thing too. Get a dream catcher and hang it up in his room, tell him that it will take away the bad dreams. Or go get a Rose Quartz crystal and place it by his bed. You need to empty the negative energy from both of those. If your interested just email me :)

I found your blog off of miss elsies :)


Sara said...

My daughter is 8 and still occationally wakes up a little freaked (or not really waking up, but still freaked). For her its the fact that her bladder is full and it gives her a bad dream. That would take care of the middle of the night, but for naptime I have no idea.

Michelle said...

Oooh...happy belated! That means you're a Virgo - that's fab!...My hubby is a Virgo, I just get along with em so well....:) Anyhoo - cutest party ever! Loving the houndstooth blankie on your bed, and I have no words of wisdom about bad dreams, but I hope he's un-scared very soon!