Tuesdays Are Forgettable

Unless its your birthday or there is something else equally exciting going on.

Well, if you aren't having cake you can treat yourself to the SECOND ROUND of tutorials for my online Art Journal Class. Slots are available and will include eight NEW tutorials that have been designed to compliment the style of the first eight but will take your journaling and layering a step further.
The cost is $25 and will secure you a secret password as well as a .pdf to keep forever.

We're thinking of the best way to offer the first class to those who weren't able to join us and will come to a conclusion later this week. Taking the first class IS NOT a pre-requisite to taking the second class so check it out and then tell everyone its your birthday.

Sebastian has had the BEST time playing with his new chalkboard desk and playing with Grandma Mary and then doing both at the same time. He is learning to copy the letters 'O', 'V', and 'W' and how to trace his hand. We all enjoyed my mom's company and look forward to doing it again in a few months. It was a good excuse to visit a few parks, eat at a few new restaurants, and find the local Chocolatier to sample their goods.

I've got nothing else exciting for your Tuesday, so I wish you the best with the birthday cakes and hope your mid-August days are full of pretty things.



Michelle said...

Love the photo of Sebastian with his chalk board. So glad you are enjoying your mom's company. It was so fun watching her video. That was so cool!

What's with all the birthday cakes? I know your Birthday is coming up at the end of August. Are you celebrating early since your mom is visiting? Happy early birthday!

cara harjes said...

happy happy birthday!

TheresaK said...

Sounds like you had a fab visit with your mom! Love the pic of Sebastian with the chalk board!!!!

RachelDenbow said...

Well, not quite yet. The 31st is my birthday. Its just been on the mind, lately. I'm turning 27 but for a few weeks I thought I was turning 28.
Which is one reason I am now taking Omega-3 in capsule form as well as Iron supplements for my low energy.

Brett did the gold ring test on my face and it was all kinds of black marks and red flags.

No wonder I was feeling like I'd been hit by a bus all day.

BUT, thanks for the Happy Birthday message, Cara!

Karen (teinture@ymail.com) said...

Happy almost birthday Rachel :) My daughter's birthday is the 29th, she's turning 5. Sounds like you've been having heaps of fun! Love that photo - go Sebastian! Hey, I have signed up for the new art journaling class - just wondering when it starts?

Karen (teinture)xo

Danielle said...

My sissy's birthday is the 31st, too. I just signed up for the second journal class, sound be fun! I really enjoyed the last one and got so much done. Having a class makes me get crafy, otherwise I put it off.
ciao, danielle

danielle said...

that should be "should" in my message, not "sound"-agh! I need more Omega 3's, and I take them already...

Natalie said...

I haven't stopped by in a while and for that I wanted to say I'm sorry. Life has just kept me away from the online world. Hope youre well. I'll make sure to come back on the 31st to wish you a happy birthday!!

Marie said...

Birthdays are coming! Love the pic of sebastian you know i think he is a doll! Your mom rocks and am so happy u had a lovely visit!

Your art journal page is rockin my lovely!

Marie said...

Birthdays are coming! Love the pic of sebastian you know i think he is a doll! Your mom rocks and am so happy u had a lovely visit!

Your art journal page is rockin my lovely!

Jogirl said...

wow..happy birthday..i think!
Love the pick with the chalkboard..dont you just love chalk...reminds of school.
cheers jo

Rach said...

...you crack me up !!!!! nice to have you back in full swing creating...your art journal club looks so fun...its hard enough justifying to DH my pretty rvkc paper kits let alone an oline class HA!!!!!! glad its all working so well and sucessfully for you. Rach (NZ) xx

ps if you lived a wee bit cloder i'd get in to re-design our decor'...the LEGO theme we have now is not so pretty!!! oh and this year i thought i was turning 35 so thrilled to gain a year not so thrilled to send a card to a friend wishing her happy 35th when she was only 34!!!! motherhood joy huh

happy weekend xxxxx