Can You Smell The Change of Season?

I know Fall is all about orange and yellow and brown but I can't let go of the pink just yet. I think it needs to follow me through the winter and keep me cheerful until Spring.

I've ordered these two prints to make into pillows for my couch.

I've finished two of three coats on this metal locker for our living room. Yes, my husband said it was okay.
This is a project I finished about four months ago but never managed to upload until now.
And I leave you with this wise saying that I made up all by myself in my head. Ha!

My clarity of thought is pretty fractured at this hour.
I'm not even phased by tornado warnings anymore.
I really need a new header on my blog.

It feels like it was only last month that I was asking what Fall felt like to you...


Amber Ulmer said...

Rachel... gosh, those fabrics are awesome! Since we've moved into the new house... we are hunting for some fun great pieces to add to the house... things we want to wait for... not just go out and buy brand new... so thanks for the fun inspo... those lockers... killer... and ur hubs is amazing for the pink! he's a real man for sure! haha I posted some lil bits of our new house! Im in search for some fabrics to cover the pillow for our couchs... so thanks for giving me the push to go look! I told Els to tell you I said Hi... We MUST make a road trip very soon to visit and finally meet! xo

dainjb said...

i'm loving all these house updates, it's giving me inspo to get moving on our house. i'm so indecisive because i want everything to be perfect and not buy anything unless i'm sure i LOVE it. and i haven't had much luck thrifting / flea marketing in san diego. it's boring and i've yet to find anything great. need to keep hunting.

love the pink! and the fabric picks! xox, dain

julio n carla said...

<3 the pinks in the prints you purchased! the PERFECT fall colors! where do you find your fabrics? I'm wanting to take the dive and start sewing but need some lovely fabrics. any ideas would be appreciated!

love your work like always! ;o)


Mandi said...

Everything is absolutely wonderful that I see here. It makes me very happy. And how lucky are you that you can put so much femininity into your home space!
I used to fall out of the bed all the time when I was a kid. They put a railing on the side of my bed that stuck in between my top mattress and box spring, but I still fell out off bed- on top of the railing! I used to cry until my dad would come and put me back into bed. I remember the first day I fell out of bed, didn't cry, and got back in all by myself. :)
haha wow what a trip down memory lane!

TaMs* said...

mm... yum.
That pink is delicious.
Love the locker.

Charin said...

I *love* that locker Rachel!!! :) :) Too cute :)
Great fabrics too!

~Valentina~ said...

I *WANT* that locker!!! Which kind of paint you used?

~wenhether~ said...

That locker is awesome! What kind of paint did you use on it?

Love the fabric too! I haven't ventured into pillows yet, would love to see your's when they are done!

ashley said...

love the hot pink lockers. your work is inspired!


Melonie said...

Ok your lockers are fantabulous. I just posted some on my blog a couple of days ago that I bought for my son's room. They are so fun. I still have to paint ours though. Thanks for the inspo.

Elaine said...

i really love those prints! and I'm jealous that you get a fuschia cabinet! WOW

Love your blog.
Love your work.

Melissa said...

I love how you said "i'm not even phased by tornado warnings anymore". I know exactly what you mean...i think I would have to say "i'm not even phased by tropical storm warnings anymore"...

love the fabric you picked for your pillows!!!

Have a great week!

OH - and TOTALLY jealous of those pink lockers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Ahh...love that Pony quote - so lovely. :) You rock!

Kelly of Royal Pink Vintage said...

It always amazes me when I come across others in blogland who are sharing such similar thoughts as mine...it always makes me wonder if "we" are somehow being similarly and simultaneously inspired.

Anyway, the point is I cannot let go of pink myself right now and want nothing to do with fall and it's colors. I want cheery, bright and happy. I want to paint my front door a pretty cotton candy pink. I want a pink chair.
I even recently changed my etsy shop name to include my love of pink.

Jennifer said...

My husband told me that the wife of a friend of his had a blog I'd probably like. When he said, "Bling on my Sewing Machine" I freaked... I love your blog.

Evidently we all went to OBU together. My husband is Brian Bost... former roomate to your hubby.

Great site. Small world.