Taking a break.


julio n carla said...


and question... i'm planning our first trip to hawaii (for my husband and myself) and want to make a travel journal - so i can fill it in during the trip... can you give me any tips?!?!? what to include?

thanks so much!

Rach said...

hi rachel

you prob don't need this but will post anyway....heres a link to last months home and garden mag http://www.yourhomeandgarden.co.nz/diy/diy-article/articleid/10857.aspx ....it of a pattern for a v cute tent!!! AND congrats on you pregnancy ...so very exciting for you all...wishing you all the best!!!! Rach xx

RachelDenbow said...

Thank you. I've been trying to figure out a way to connect the wooden rods at the top and this is perfect.

I think I'll be making on this month.

Marie said...

Have a wonderful one!

KT said...
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Punkscrapper said...

Im so very sorry for your loss Rachel. Im sitting on my couch hurting for you and praying for you and your husband that you would hold each other through this and take lots of moments to cry and release the hurt inside.