December One

The December Kit is available in the RVKC etsy shop. Its a fun one! You can get yours here.

We got our first snow on Sunday morning. Sebastian and I got bundled up and went out into it for as long as we could stand our wet socks and cold finger tips. He made piles with his tractor and I cut enough from our (insert species) tree to make a wreath for our front porch. I found a tutorial for wreath making that made me feel like I could do it myself. With supplies already handy, I tied it all together and had it hung in under thirty minutes.

We are lucky enough to have a tree in our yard to prune without anyone scolding us. If you are surrounded by palm trees or live in a concrete jungle, you may risk a late night park trip with shears in hand, or ask a local florist for their stock greens. They're usually friendly people, right? (Remind me tell you about my late night, flower-related story sometime.) (And my tales of Valentine's Day deliveries during my college years.)

I'll be back with a few more wreath ideas and pictures of the four wreaths I'm working on for our own home. Its a bad habit. In the meantime, I'll leave you with more Christmas eye candy to get you in the mood. Thank you, Martha Stewart design team.


curious girl (lisa) said...

love that photo! once I see the first bundled-up little one, I know it's winter.

danilouwho said...

thanks for the link to that wreath tutorial... am going to save that one!


Margaret said...

That is a great wreath tutorial. I LOVE live wreaths. I think they just make homes so cozy! and I want to barf whenever I think of doilies, but I saw these Martha Stewart pics on AT and LOVED it!