Probably my favorite kit this year. FOR REAL!
Unfortunately, I've had the most frustrating month with product shipments and companies. So, the kits that usually are up for purchase on the 1st of each month will be up for purchase on the 3rd. Which is Monday. So, stayed tuned.

We're getting ready to pack what we can and watch the first few episodes of Mad Men.

Be back soon.



Barbie said...

Mad Man is the GREATEST, and I got caught up with all the old episodes with Netflix...hen the current on my best friend's "on demand" and now am TOTALLY HOOKED! The design, the clothes, the plot - I love it all. And how could anyone not laugh about people who drink and smoke all day at work!

ALIN said...

I really enjoy your blog, and I love the photos from your beautiful home. The white lamp in the photo in the previous post is really cool and sweet. Where did you find it?


katydiddy said...

We just finished the first two discs of Mad Men! I love it. Such a beautiful show to watch.

emily said...

i have been leaving love and comments on your blog for SO long now, and have never received any response from you what-so-ever. you can imagine how excited i was to see you leave a comment on my blog this morning...but only to be disapointed when the first thing you write is to say i'm close-minded.
i am young, creative and intelligent, and i believe in Godly principles. that is how i choose to believe, and that doesn't make me close-minded. you don't want to lean to my side, so, wouldn't you be considered close-minded as well? i have thought and researched about tons of things in this election, and mccain was the better representative for myself and my views. so i voted for him. i have been on the "other side" so to speak and used to support gay marriage, pro-choice, yada, yada, yada so you don't have to wonder if i'm missing anything. this is the better stance for me, so i'll take it.
and it makes me sad that that disapoints you. why can't people be christians without being hated upon and called self righteous? you choose one way...i choose another. isn't that our right?
i was not hating upon cara or her views. i cannot speak for my other blog readers cause i'm not them, but please don't reference us all together like that. i do defend what my husband said, because i agree with him 100%.
sorry if this was taken as rude, but it's just so frustrating to me that because i choose to believe one way and not the other, i'm close minded. but because you choose to believe one way and not the other, you are not close minded.
it doesn't make sense.

RachelDenbow said...

I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings.
I've left my last comment on that specific post and hope it makes more sense.

Joseph and Brittany said...


my name is Brittany and I just found your blog and have to tell you I am LOVING IT! I love that you live in Missouri. I am from CA and spent all of my summers in Missouri and would move there in a heart beat. I have a friend that is moving there on Wed. I will be visiting her so, I would love to contact you and ask you where all the great thrift stores are. I love your style and all your crafts. I would love to know where you live in Missouri.


brittasay(@) gmail dot com