Because Its Sunny and Warm Today

My apologies for it showing up off-center. This is a fun, Sesame Street circa 1973-ish music video from my favorite new band, Little Joy.

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michelle said...

Hello Rachel! I'm not sure how i found your blog initially, i think after browsing through several OBU blogs ... but either way, i love reading about the new shop!

I don't know if you actually remember me or my sister from OBU (Christina McBeath now Deimund), but we're originally from Springfield! I was so excited to see what you girls are doing down on Commercial. :)

anyway .... me and my friend visited this past weekend (and tried to peak in! ha) We're so excited for you to open up! I won't be around in February, but I will have to definitely stop by the next time I'm home!

Blessings and best of luck in the adventure!