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EDITED: Our first e-mail with the blog information has been sent out. If you signed up after noon on Jan 17th, you'll be getting a confirmation e-mail later this evening. If you signed up before noon on Jan. 17th and didn't get your e-mail, please let me know so we can check on your status. I have e-mailed a few of you who seem to have paid twice. I'd like to make sure you're not paying for someone else so I can cancel the second payment. (Maia Harms, could you send me an e-mail as I can't get through to yours.)

Thanks again for the great response. We've still got spots available if you're interested in signing up. Happy weekend!



krista said...

love the new vintage blog-header!! you're so creative!

enjoy your weekend,

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about the confirmation e-mail. I will check back tonight to see what's happenin'! Thanks for the update :) and thanks in advance for the class. The turn out is great because y'all have such creative ideas and inspiring attitudes. Very excited for what's to come!

-Kayla Grace

J for Jendetta said...


margot said...

hi rachel!
i didn't get a confirmation email- just wanted to let you know, but i did get a paypal confirmation number so let me know if you need that info and i'll fwd to you! just don't want to bombard your email!!

Holly said...

I don't think I got the email - can you check the status of mine! Thanks!!

RachelDenbow said...

Check your e-mails again, girls. I sent them out late on Sat. night.

Johanna said...

I hope you had a really good weekend, look forward to your store opening! :D Thank you for all the inspiration, I can't wait to see more of what you create... Johanna

Sarah said...

Rachel, I'm sort of blog stalking you but that's the point of blogs, right? :) I'm so excited about the new store opening up. Looks like so much fun...so many pretty things, can't have too many of those! I just might have to make the trip up sometime to see it in person. (I moved back to NW Arkansas but Martha stayed in Denver, fyi...we're sort of nomadic!)

Sarah Highfill

RachelDenbow said...

Come on up and see us once the store is open!!! Nomadic is fun. I think we've been more nomadic than we've liked in the past five years!

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