A-gCa Interview

Elsie and I did a little interview for the Avant-Garde Crafting Association blog magazine early last week. It was fun to fill it out 'Selby style'!

So, what was your childhood ambition? And your last purchase?


alittlebitofscrap said...

Childhood ambition: I wanted to be a teacher. My last purchase, items for seafood ya-ya and ahi poki :)

Alex Mason said...

My childhood ambition was to be an archeologist. My last purchase was clay and glaze materials oh and a packet of chocolate buttons!

anne esquibel said...

I was one of those I wanna be a: Mermaid, princess, dino digger, nurse, stylist, fashion designer, photographer, artist etc..I wanted to be everything and now I feel like I am everything sheesh.

Last purchase (haha mine has to do with sushi too!) I bought seaweed, sushi rice and seasoning.


Bianca said...

love it! i really like the new blog look....the colors!!

Jennifer said...

childood Ambition: to be a "drawer" and to become a riverdancer ha!
last purchase: cotton candy, from the fair =)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to be a vet! And my last purchase was actually a Captain Crunch Frapp from Starbucks after I learned about it on Elsie's blog - :)

Laura said...

Childhood ambition: I wanted to be a forensic psychologist. A little weird for a 10 year old, but I watched Silence of the Lambs (without my parents permisson) and I wanted to be Clarice so badly. Last thing I purchased: I found a fabric warehouse in my town (never knew it was there) and bought materials for your class. ;-)

Anonymous said...

As a child I wanted to be an artist, beret and all! haha, or a writer, it was amazing the stories I could come up with when I was a kid, but it seems now I am not able to think up those things! Oh, and my last purchase? Diet coke, ice, and a lime. :)

michelle and brittany said...

childhood ambition: i wanted to be both a figure skater and an astronaut...at the same time.

last purchase: two vintage suitcases, a vintage salt shaker and peppermill set, teal faux leather vinyl, teal and brown houndstooth and some fuschia and purple leaf patterned fabrics. oh and gold sequins :]

Ragazzarte said...

My childhood ambition was to join the ice capades (figure skating and travelling circus-style? Seriously... what could be better?).
Last puchase was a whole grain raspberry muffin for breakfast.

Shawna Jeree' said...

after my little house on the prairie phase, i seriously wanted to be a secret agent lol. last purchase groceries

Charin said...

Love your interviews! :)
I wanted to be the next Madonna (Ha! For real! I was always "putting on concerts" for my family) and my latest purchase was a copy of The Onion for my husband's Valentine's Day. That's true love. haha

jen renee said...


childhood ambition: i wanted to be a painter or a pianist

last purchase: goldfish, strawberries and yogurt bites

Jessi said...

I wanted to be a judge (I am a libra) but then I found out you had to be a lawyer first, so I decided on teacher, which is what I am now!

I bought this morning (because I hit 20 pounds on my 100 day challenge) two books on Amazon: Sharing Your Story by Ali Edwards and Sew Darn Cute by Jenny Ryan.

I am glad I had something fun to say I bought, not like groceries or something!

1sublimegirl said...

I wanted to be a race car driver! Funny I know...but true!

My last purchase was a Passion Tea w/ lemonade (less sweet please!)and a blueberry muffin!

Mandi said...

I wanted to be a missionary. Or a writer. I think it alternated with the years.


As for my most recent purchase... groceries. ha

Cindy said...

childhood ambition: artist, then teacher, then dancer, then singer, then actress, then _____ ... haha fill in the blank with whatever you can think of, I wanted to do it. :)

last purchase: $500 worth of furniture at IKEA! a new expedit bookshelf for my studio space, curtains, chair cushions, pillows, an entertainment center, a toy for my puppy, and some ligonberry juice. :) yum!

margot said...

childhood ambition-
astronaut, obviously.

last purchase-
the sushi i had for lunch.
eel avocado roll, salmon avocado roll and miso soup.

julio n carla said...

what a cuuute interview!

my childhood ambition... a librarian! ha!

my last purchase was doilies and fabric! yay!!! yep, for your class that i'm dying to start! whoop woop!


Searching said...

My childhood ambition changed often: first an astronaut, then an artist, then a firefighter, then back to an astronaut, then a marine biologist. My last purchase would have been the gas I put in my car yesterday...boo!

cynthia said...

Oh Rachel:) So glad you came over:) to Agca. And loved reading everybody's childhood ambitions and last purchase. Fun. Fun. Fun. Thank You.

waysideviolet said...


my childhood ambition was to be a veterinarian.

my last purchase: stamps to send valentine cards. ♥♥

Steve Rodli said...

Childhood ambition: Homemaker.
Last purchase: 4 dowels, a wallcovering seam roller, a pkg. of red foil candy cups, a pkg. of mini pink heart rhinestones, 2 pkg. of red fuzzy alphabet stickers (clearance price), a container of coldpress watercolor sheets, a strand of heart lights, a container of acid free construction paper, some organic chives and a bunch of radishes for him as a thank you for giving me a giftcard. I also brought home some colorful paint chips to look at. Happy happies. Joyce