In the mood yet?

Image from Papier Valise via Creature Comforts.

One of my favorite Valentine themed cards by Gemma Correll.

Love is a Battlefield by Nifnaks.

Love Letter tutorial and give away from LucyKate Crafts.

Sweetly sewn cards from Purl Bee.

The sweetest kind of treat for two via Design*Sponge.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day? Keeping it simple and sweet this year? If you've got children, how are you 'helping' with their class Valentine's? Are you doing anything for yourself or with friends? Are you loving it or hating it this year?


Amy said...

Thanks for the link to the love letter tutorial- that's super cute!

Valentine's this year is unknown for me... a little frustrating because I was trying to make cute cards and my sewing machine broke on me! ugh. Oh well. I'm sure me and the hubby will have a great night!

Ashley said...

My husband and I are doing dinner at home on Friday and then taking my grandmother to the Valentine dinner at church Saturday. We are all about the simple and sweet!

cara harjes said...

we are going to the art museum and breakfast in the AM, spending some alone time at home in the afternoon and then having a few families over for a special dinner. what are YOU doing?

Allison Drew said...

Ooooh! I love that stitched love letter! Being a single gal, I will probably be spending time with some of my girls. I'm sure it'll be a fun night!

Sarah said...

Valentines Day isn't such a big thing on this side of the world (so no pressure as far as the kids go) but definately something to make special with your loved one. Your post has finally got me motivated to get organised for Saturday!

julio n carla said...

love all the cuteness! thanks!

we are spending the whole day snowboarding together. i'm super excited! (i'm not good at all but it's fun)

i'm in charge of the fruit tray for my daughters kindergarten class. trying to think of cuute ideas on how to serve it... got any?

my mother in law made the valentines for our girls this year... she even used roxie love elsie paper... too cute! :D


MAXimum MESS said...

I am still in shock that it's already Valentine's Day! I know it's not handmade, but I will always love those little boxes of valentine's day cards! I always used to give out the "boy" ones, like ninja turtles! I think that is one of the things I miss most about being little!

Amber said...

Such cute ideas!! I'm helping in my daughter's class on Friday, hoping to make cute Valentine's cookies. Then *hopefully* the hubby and I will get to go out on Saturday. I *hate* going out on the actual Valentine's Day though. Dread.

Toni Brockliss said...

I love all the photos. So pretty.

This year I will have to say - hating it.

With the absolutely devastating bushfires here in Victoria I am feeling very sad.

If there is anything to learn from it, it is to appreciate and do little acts of kindness for the ones you love every single day... not just for one day.

mrs boo radley said...

Oh, the grenade!

I think I have to work on Saturday...but I might go cut out some paper hearts while I have a moment...

metrochic said...

i totally bookmarked lots of that stuff today, too! but i hadn't seen the pink grenade. TOO CUTE!

Charin said...

*sigh* I love Valentine's day things so much :) All of that pink!! :) :)
However, I am being a great big slacker this year...everything seems to be taking the back burner with me being so close to delivering. :)
Definitely getting some things to spoil Katie Shae and Kevin, but other than that I'm not doing much of anything.
Next year! :)

amanda said...

oh i'm loving valentine's this year. We plan on going to disneyland come rain or shine. (Most likely the former since it's been raining like crazy in california.)

Mandy said...

Oooh those are all so cute! I absolutely love Valentine's Day.

On a totally unrelated manner, I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I have a bungalow that seems similar to yours and I also have 8 month old twins. I am at a loss as to how to organize and store all of our stuff because of our lack of closet space. Can you give me any tips on what you have done? My email is mandybeth01 @ hotmail dot com. thanks! :)

waysideviolet said...

All of your pictures are so lovely and cute!!

My husband and I like to make sure that any ladies in our family who don't have valentines (right now that means our widowed grandmas and a few sister-in-laws) get something sweet and pink from us.

For ourselves, we're going to stay home and make dinner together and play with our puppy. There is nothing like a puppy on vday!

Hope you have a lovely Valentines! ♥♥

Mary-Beth said...

That hand grendade is adorable!

I'm going to a Tattoo Fashion Show at the museum where I work!
It should be awesommee!!!:D

anne esquibel said...

Those matchbook things are so cute! I want to do that next year!

Satruday my "special man we are not dating but every one thinks we will get married someday but WE aren't so sure about that best friend" Daniel (the lead singer in NEW DEVICE - incase anyone wants to see who I am refering to) is coming up from London I'm making him homemade pasta (veggies and the noodles - made by me!) and Betty Crocker vday cupcakes!! Then we are going to a Valentine's Day Banquet for dinner and a movie (Fireproof!) then we are exchanging some gifts whilst we chow down on the choc truffles I made for him.

Gift wise I found a book that is called "All that men know about women.." and it's blank on the inside ;) and I'm giving him a card and putting my heart on the sleeve..he's staying until Monday so lots of fun to be had!!

(ps I love reading what people are doing for vday!) oxoxox

Anonymous said...

We did a big exchange at work and it was actually a lot of fun. Some people made their cards, others cooked up treats, or brought in candy, one even brought carnations for everyone! It was such a throwback to the days of elementary school. :)

lucykate crafts... said...

thank you for the link, i really like those match boxes, really sweet.

Anna-Karin said...

Just put up some pics on my blog of the valentine decoration me and my daughter made together - hoperfully we will have timer for some more valentines-theme-crafts tomorrow night even though it´s been a busy week!

Hope you and your loved ones will have a lovingly valentines day!

OpaqueSkies said...

Love the grenade. Martha Stewart's site has a cute idea of making Hostess-like chocolate cupcakes and writing a one-word message in thin white icing across the middle like the white swirls on the storebought cupcakes.

Check out my Chinese take-out flower arrangements that I made for some friends. http://opaqueskies.blogspot.com.

For pre-V-day, my mom and I will check out some one-act plays w/ catered dinner at a local high school where some of my little friends are performing. Then for V-day, Shawn and I are cutting costs by staying in. He'll make me a steak dinner (his parents raise cows), and I will make some yummy dessert(s). Maybe we'll read to each other, or watch an episode of the Walton's, and will def have great convo time. :))

Rubyellen said...

so much fun! valentine garlands are just the best!!!