Keep It Like A Secret

So, since we're keeping secrets around here, I thought I'd fess up to some things I've kept secret from people in the past. We're all mature adults here, right?
(It's okay if we're not.)

* It WAS my friend, Katy, and I who hung our pink panties on the flag pole on the last day of our Christian summer camp in high school. (two years in a row!)

* I pooped in the shallow end of the community pool one summer because I had to go so bad and couldn't get out in time. Sicko.

* Sometimes I don't recycle because I'm too lazy to put it in the right bin. (Feeling shameful.)

* When we lived in Seattle we would often get invited out to dinner after our Saturday night church service. I would always make excuses that we were busy but really it was because we were broke.

* Brett and I fight a lot over laundry not getting done. Most of the time it's my fault.

* I tell people I don't drink soda. When I'm having a really bad day, I go straight to a McDonald's drive-thru and get one.

I bet you don't have any secrets, do you. If you did, you probably wouldn't share them with me anyways, would you. Chicken?


miss money said...

um wow! way to be bold and go for the big secrets, esp. the number two!!

hollysarah said...

hmmm if we're sharing...
1. Ryan and I fight a lot about the dishes not being done, mostly my fault. (along your theme)
2. I'll use cash when I don't want my hubby to see where I spent it (online banking keeps no secrets)
3. We just bought a salon & spa in the town where I live, but I'm not supposed to say yet. (holy cow!!)
4. I speed all the time, but have never got a ticket.
5. I spend hours in my favorite bookstore (reading) because I'm too cheap to buy the book.

Cindy said...

I convinced a boy in 12th grade that girls didn't poop. We had secret talks about it. He didn't want to talk to anybody else about it because he was embarrassed that he didn't know ;)

brontoxrar said...

1.i always say i dont trust the car and thats why i dont drive on the interstate..but really im scared. haha
2. i really want to work for duff on ace of cakes.
3.i still want to be a professional ballerina
4.i dont like tomatoes..and i work at a produce grocery store..so i always make up which ones are the best.
thats all i got i think :)

dainjb said...


1. in high school i used to tell my mom i was spending the night at a friend's house in the next town away but really would go up to LA (2 hrs north) for the weekend & stay at a friend's dorm.
2. i tell people (mostly adults my parent's age, etc) that i'm going to go back to school to get my msw. in reality i have no clue what i want to do with my life, but this plan sounds good and saves me from long chats.
3. i get insanely jealous of people that seem to "have it all" (mostly people that i just know from afar ... such as online, etc) even though i know in real life we all struggle & everything is usually not what it seems.

Tamstyles said...

I always wondered what this was..its your blog..great blog by the way..i always saw the "sign" and wondered by never clicked it..well i did tonight..

cute and peculiar said...

Hmmm.... Okay I have a few
1. I still totally love Selena the spanish singer. I was obsessed with her when I was 10
2. I like to sing REALLY loud in the car by myself
3. I have a super big fear of bones breaking. I'm sure there is a really fancy name for the phobia

margot said...


i'm going back to bed now (just woke up for the chat) but will come back in the am with some secrets.

anne esquibel said...

1. I've been in love with the same person for 8 years, I will always deny it because I know it wouldn't work out, right now. But I still have my secret loathe for all his single female friends.
2. I did booger sugar once - it was a waste of time and money.
3. I actually do like children - I like treating and spoiling them, I play like I can't stand (most) kids because I don't want to babysit all the time and I don't want to teach classes at church - I like learning more.
4. I want to get married - I also play like I don't and I don't care that I'm single - but I do and I do care, I want to spoil someone with my love for the rest of my life.
5. Sometimes I flirt with guy friend so that they will buy my art..and that's it. Once it's sold I keep it all business..eep I even put them in a great mood with American things they can't get here (in England) like Mountain Dew.

Oh my.

ashleyrwatts said...

1. I sometimes back out of things with my friends simply because I'm selfish with my time (I want 'me-time', lol).

2. Occasionally, I'll 'race' someone to the stop sign so that I can go first (I'm not proud of that one - sometimes :P). It's about the only stupid automobile thing I (intentionally) do, lol.

It's early, I can't really think of anything else right now. lol

Hannah said...

Ok, so I totally hung underwear on the flagpole at Church camp too! It wasn't mine though. :o)

Freckled Nest said...

i peed my pants in grade 8 because I drank tooooo much slurpie and i couldn't walk home fast enough :(

margot said...

ok, am back with secrets.
1. i am REALLY messy. it takes a lot for me to keep my room clean, but at the same time i hate germs and purell like every 10 min.
2. in pre-school i stole my friends chapstick cause it had a dog on it. i still feel bad about that to this day.
3. i have the craziest hair when i wake up. like world's record crazy.

Kim said...

oh my I can't believe I am doing this (not that they will be exciting but admitting is still admitting)

1.I don't tell my husband when I start planning a crop b/c he's not very supportive & I won't let him get me down (I tell him about 3 weeks before the event)

2. I have a hard time mopping the kitchen/dining room floor in the child care area of my home-but I make sure its spotless when we are expecting company

3.I am addicted to facebook & spend way too much time there!

4.I read a ton of blogs every day & rarely comment

5. I tell my cc parents I have a very important bill to pay to guilt the late payers in to paying on time

ok feeling cleansed lol thanks :)

Tonya said...
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Anonymous said...


Bridget said...

I always say I don't drink soda, but the first thing I do on a stressful day is go to Sonic and pay with cash so the online banking doesn't give my secret away to my hubby!

HA! I'm glad I'm not the only one. :)

jen renee said...

awesome list of secrets!

- i helped 'relocate' the large bell at church camp on the last day (not nearly as cool as pink panties on a flag pole)

- my parents didn't allow me to go to heavy metal concerts in high school, so i would buy a ticket, hide it, and tell my parents I was camping with friends so I could have enough time to drive to Minneapolis, see the show and come back by morning.

- this worked until i got my forehead split open in a mosh pit at a Pantera/White Zombie show. then I had to come up with a story about a freak camping accident... I'm a terrible liar.


Dani said...

I love that you shared big secrets! So here goes: I've canceled plans at the last minute if it starts raining and I don't like to drive in the rain - I usually play sick. It's horrible but I do it more then I should :(

Anonymous said...

I love that you can give away old secrets...heehee
1. I had a couple of small parties at my house when I was in high school - my parents thought I HATED people who drank in high school...
2. I spend WAY too much time reading blogs while I'm at work...
3. I am really bad about cleaning out my cats litter box.
I don't know how great those secrets are. But at least I have a few. heehee

twinklescrapbooks said...

Cool! I feel like I am in grade school again when you whisper secrets in your bff's ears.
Okay here are some of mine:
1. I hate housework. Once I read about a lady who would put out some tiny bowls of pine sol and hide them around the house so her dh would think she was cleaning all day. I actually thought about it!
2. I like sleeping in.
3. I am late EVERYWHERE--if I leave early I dawdle.
4.I am horrible about returning phone calls but awesome about email.

katie said...

here's some of mine:

1. i'm a shopaholic. my husband knows this, and he had to file for bankruptcy earlier this year [due to other stuff, not me] and it's been really hard for me since we don't have extra money i can spend on whatever. he doesn't know how bad i want to buy stuff we don't need.

2. the summer my favorite grandma was dying [my mom's mom], my mom had her brought to our house. i freaked out because i couldn't deal with it [even though she was 92] and i "ran away" to my friend's house for a month. i only came home to get new clothes. i feel terrible about it every day.

3. i'm really horrible at cleaning. our house is gross but i hate touching icky things, so i hardly ever clean. good thing we *never* have house guests or visitors.

4. i really despise my husband's ex-wife. i say she should move on with her life all the time but i can't help but read her blogs because she makes comments about us and i want to know what she's saying.

i have more, but i really shouldn't post them here... it felt nice to say these ones though... perhaps i should start therapy again when we get insurance...

thanks for sharing rachel [and everyone]!

Mandi said...

First of all.... your son is quite the cool kid in training! haha That pic cracks me up!

Okay... my biggest secret.... I'm really really shy! Have been my whole life. But I deal with it, and nobody knows. If I say anything about being shy, they think I'm joking. So yes, I'm a closet shy person. :)

Anonymous said...

I laughed embarrassingly loud about your poop secret. Please tell me you were below the age of 10!

Secrets...hmm...sometimes when people ask me to go out on the town I tell them I can't because I have too much to do school-wise. (Really it's because I would rather hang out with my family than go anywhere...and I go to bed at 9! Hello, I'm a nerd :)

and...I wet the bed in the ninth grade because I stayed up two days in a row and drank WAY too much Dr. Pepper. (And on my best friend's new mattress too)... mmm, may explain why I am NOT a soda drinker and I am an early sleeper!!

Niki said...

1. i'm a kleptomaniac; i haven't stolen anything in 15 years, but when i am in a store my brain automatically registers where all the security cameras/people are and what items would fit in my pockets.
2. i held out on sex with my highschool boyfriend and then slept with my male best friend less than a week after we broke up.
3. sometimes i will say "i'm busy" when actually i just don't want to go out.
Phew... i feel so much better

Suzanne said...

oooh you're all so brave! okay, here's mine...

at lunch time in junior high i used to steal gummy candies from the 7-11 near my school (like, every day, for two years)

sometimes i spit my gum out on the ground if it's lost it's flavour and there isn't a garbage bin nearby (even though i always feel terribly guilty afterwards)

in high school i would sneak out after my parents went to bed to go make out with my boyfriend who they hated

RachelDenbow said...

HA! I realized this morning that I didn't post how old I was when the swimming pool incident happened.

I can't remember what grade I was in but I know I was under 7. And to add another detail...it all stayed in my swimsuit. I had to waddle to the bathroom and get rid of the evidence.

HA! I told my mom that the other day and she didn't remember so I'm pretty sure I didn't even confess to my mom that day.

shelly b said...

OMG...I can finally come clean. I had the same experience in the pool when I was little. I was at a friends house and I pooped!!! EWWWWW!! Now I feel better.

Genevieve said...
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Genevieve said...

Haha, great idea! Here we go:

-I secretly judge people all the time, and sometimes pretty harshly. And I HATE it when people complain about being tired...as if the whole friggin' world isn't tired!! My corowker says every single day "I could totally use a nap right about now" and I cringe every.single.time.

-I flake out on people and events alot, usually because I'm anti-social or just too lazy to leave the house and would rather hang out with mu husband.

-I've been trying to have a baby now for about 16 months and sometimes I get quite depressed about it, though I play it off as not a big deal to most people.

-I spend waaay too much time on blogs and the Internet while at work, but I hardly ever feel bad about it.

Woah, that was nice! Thanks Rach :)

Elsie Flannigan said...

ok. i thought of some stuff...
i tried to keep it a secret from Jeremy that i love flavored coffee drinks. it lasted for about 8 months, i would never order them in front of him because i was embarrassed, but now i do it like ever day.
(that was sort of lame.) but i gave in around autumn with the pumpkin spice & then gingerbread latte and now i can even order toffee nut in front of him without feeling like a silly girl.

oh.. and i always buy candy at hobby lobby.
mostly starburst fruit snacks. they're so amazing.

and i have a secret savings account right now for a secret goal. :D

kimi said...

ok...time to fess up!

1) I tell people I am a good driver, but really, I don't think I am at all. I wonder if I have ran anyone off the road without knowing :(

2) Charlie and I fight a lot over me being defensive and trying to blame him. I know I am being defensive, but there is sometimes when I just want him to be wrong.

3) When I go to the grocery store, I like to get cash back...so I can have some "me" money and Charlie won't know.

Ohhh geez, I am sure there are worse onces hiding in the back...but that is all I can think of.

Sarah said...

i don't recycle when i'm crabby...i take my frustrations out on the environment.

Imagination said...

I read lots of blogs and don't feel I can comment because I don't know the person, I feel like I'm intruding now...but I read your blog daily.
I'm already thinking off not posting this comment.

When I was 7 I danced naked infront of my class, I didn't see the big deal...little kids do it, but I got into trouble and haven't told anyone since. Not even my mum.

I tell my mum like 90% of the things that go on in my life.

When I started dating my boyfriend and he said he loved me, I'd say it back to be nice, but I wasn't sure if I did... I feel bad about it now.

I wish I was doing an Art degree...sometimes I feel quite depressed I don't have enough time for art...it's why I've started a blog.

I love your blog!!

jeremyk123 said...

this is an epic post.
1 - one christmas i peeked at my presents in the middle of the night. it was the worst christmas i've ever had and i will never do it again.
2- i used to have a rat tail (so gross. . . and i'm *very* ashamed)
3- my mom still has my rat tail (even worse)
4 - i'm the most indicisive person there ever was.
5- sometimes people ask me why i chose to go into nursing and not into medicine. i tell them i'm just using it as my undergrad for medical school. . . . yeah, i have no plans of going to medical school.
6 - i've saved the best one for last. in grade 4 i was in an assembly and waited to long to go to the bathroom. i peed my pants and luckily it was a rainy day. i put my slush pants on over top of my other pants and when people complained about the smell i blamed it on the normally smelly kid in our class.

too fun.

Toni Brockliss said...

1. I have to watch the Bold and The Beautiful every single day.
2. I love reading romance novels (the Fabio kind) and when people come over I put a brainy book next to my bed.
3. I once talked my way out of a speeding ticket, telling the policeman that my friend was sick and we were going to the doctor. We were actually rushing to meet boys at the local pub.

After reading those back I'm just a big, trashy ho.

kaimarie. said...


Once I had a very in-depth conversation with my gecko, Flash Gordon.

I cried today when I realized my DSL wasn't working. Sad.

I always complain that I don't have many friends but when people do want to hang out with me, I get so nervous that I bail.

I stare at guys too much. Its bad. I make it obvious too. Even when I was with my boyfriend, I would hit him on the shoulder and then stop myself right as I was about to say "check out that hot guy over there".

madison said...

1. for some reason i start to laugh like the person im around once im around them for a while

2. i work in retail. And sometimes, i have to go to the back of the shoe room and laugh at the customers who are funny looking.

3. I have totally flirted with the boyfriends of some of the girls who come in the store. I do it when the girls are trying on clothes.

4. my room has not been clean in months. (YIKES!) I hardly ever have friends over anymore.

5. I, for some reason, have NEVER told anyone except God this...and I cant say that I know that I told God...lol. In second grade I stole stuff from like...alot of kids. pencils, pencil cases, and...the thing that eats me up...is a little red snap pouch. i stole it from this boy when he wasnt looking. I wanted it soo badly, and when noone was in the class I reached in his desk and took it. He looked for it everyhwere and was crying...he said it was his moms and she would be mad at him...I still didnt fess up and give it back. in fact...Im pretty sure I might still have it somewhere...(WHEW!!) ;)

6. sometimes...I feel like I have to make guys like me..like its a game. when a guy i like and I are "talking" I make it a point to let him know certain things about me. It has never felt like he liked me on his own.

7. once, i was at a youth harvest party and this guy who i had kinda had a crush on was there. I hadnt seen him in a long time so we spent alot of time hanging out that night. We started walking toward the house and away from the bonfire. it was in the country so even though it was dark, the whole sky was lit up with stars. he was talking and I grabbed his face and kissed him. Then I just looked at him quietly. His eyes were huge and his mouth was hanging open but it was the funnest time ive ever had kissing a guy. =]



It's me! Jocelynne B! said...

-i stepped on my cousin's arm a really long time ago, and i pretended i didn't.
-i made up a lie about my brother doing something not worth lying about.
-i wished my mom was different and a better mom
-i resent my sister for the attention she demanded from my parents
-i hold grudges
-i'm becoming more like my mom and i really do not want to
-sometimes i wish i had done things differently before it was too late
-i hate a lot of people. or dislike them.
-i always worry people will think i'm a stalker or a creep.
-i like being nice to people who appreciate niceness
-i think i'm a drama queen and i don't want to be
-i put my husband thru so much of my own emotional stuff i'm surprised he's still around. and loves me.
-i think my kids think i'm a bad mom.

It's me! Jocelynne B! said...

one more: i have bipolar disorder. and i'm afraid my family will either freak out or question everything i've said or done or will say or do. as if bipolar makes actions or statements less credible.

Charis Sharpe said...

Hey Rachel,

What an awesome post! Everybody is leaving you all their secrets...

1. I am a TV addict. I could spend the whole day in my pjs watching tv.
2. Internet addict... as above!
3. I love my boyfriends cooking.. but not his spag bol... he WATERS IT DOWN!!!!
4. I am VERY selfish... I pretend that i'm working so that I can stay in & do nothing & if my phone rings I pretend I was at work...

Caz x

Jennifer said...

WOW!!! You are one brave woman! I'm a Scorpio so there's no way you're getting my secrets!!! lol

Holly S said...

you are crazzzy girl...you didn't spill the ONE secret we wanted to hear...here are some of my secrets:
1. i hide some of my purchases from dh...then slowwwwly make them magically appear

2. i sometimes don't answer the phone if caller id says it my mother-in-law!

3. in 6th grade there was this boy who smelled really, really bad all the time so i watched a group of other boys put a bar of soap on his desk before he got there then looked away when he saw it...really, really bad i know...he was super smart and is probably making more cash than our whole class combined!

4. i sometimes do it even though i don't feel like it and in the end wind up loving it...don't tell my hubby!

JenCoen said...

my husband and I are taking our kids to hawaii on march 15 - 22. we've had it planned since last summer. we've been keeping it secret from them this whole time. (very difficult)

michelle said...

oh these have been so fun to read and since i read everyone elses secrets i guess it is only right to share a few.

1. my best best friends and i do not agree politically and i know my opinions are at the opposite end of the spectrum than theirs so i always avoid the topic completely because i love them and do not want that to get in the way.

2. i stayed home from school one day (high school) because i was really sick with a stomach flu. lets just say i sneezed and then had to shower....i know really gross huh?!

3. my husband i just got married in july and we have not combined our bank accounts yet and i am terrified to do so.

4. i do not clean out the litter box as often as i should and my husband refuses to do it unless i am out of town for work. i had the cat before we were married so he feels like it is not his job.

i agree this is an epic post! i can not believe you got so many secrets out of everyone! = )

RachelDenbow said...

Thanks for being brave, ya'll!

Laura said...

i'll share a few...

*i tell people i'm busy or just ignore their calls & texts if i don't want to hang out with them. it's not because i don't like them, it's just because i like spending time with my husband or by myself more.

*i still look at my ex-boyfriend's family's myspace pages. i find it amusing to see how much they still hate me, even though my ex and i have been broken up over a year.

*i hide most of the stuff i buy from my husband. i keep a few things out to show him, but the rest i rip off the tags and hang them up in our closet, like they've been there the whole time. i have so many clothes, he usually doesn't notice.

Violet said...

How fun! This feels so sneaky, but oh so good. :]

Let's see. Some of my secrets:

1. Sometimes if my nose is runny and I don't have a tissue around, I'll take my sock off and blow my nose in it. I don't ever put it back on afterwards though.
2. I cried (really hard) when I found out that my cousin was going to have a baby. I wanted to be the first in the family to have one.
3. I used to to steal pens from the people that I babysat from when I was in my early teens. I always felt so crappy afterwards, too. I also stole a tube of lipstick from my Grandma once. I'm so glad that I got the whole taking-what's-not-mine thing out of my system.
4. I cry a few silent tears almost everyday. Sad things, happy things, scary things...
5. When I was 12 I wanted to learn how to kiss so I made out with my dog. :/ Yeah.. a little gross, but I'm blaming it on those new-found hormones.
6. My Mother in Law talks A LOT. I always tell her it's ok, but it secretly bugs the crap out of me when she goes on and on about nothing.

Oh my! I feel so exposed.

Mandy D :-) said...

these are so great. sometimes it's just good to bare the soul ... I guess I will :-D

- I am secretly scared to have a baby. not to raise a child, i have 2 step-children, just "having" the baby 'freaks' me out. I just tell people that me and my husband are waiting till the time is right .... we've been married 8 years now .... yyyeeaaahhh

- I am SO jealous of the talent that my brother has for art, painting, and sculpting .... I should have gotten at least some of that .....

- my first kiss was followed by my slapping the boy across the face because i didn't want to kiss him at all .... heheheeee


Melissapher said...

I just found you through a friend's blog, and I'm loving your blog!! We need to be friends. Serious. Secrets:

1. I still pick my nose. I'm gross I know it, but it does the job SO well. At least I don't eat the boogers anymore.

2. When I was 4, I snuck in the kitchen and drank milk from the carton while my mom was next door visiting with the neighbors. As soon as I was done chugging, I noticed a significant amount of milk was gone! In my efforts to conceal my transgression, I filled up the jug with water and stuck it in the fridge. That afternoon we had PB&J sandwiches with milk. It was SO revolting. 8 years later I came clean and my mom and I had a good laugh about it.

3crazykids said...

I feel your pain gurl. I am potting training #3 right now and it needs to be oooooovvvver. Nothing like sitting hunched over reading books waiting to act excited about an act of human nature.

Erin said...


1.) I am still in love with my ex-boyfriend and still in love with my current one.
2.) I really want a baby, even though I play it off like I don't.
3.) I am addicted to reality tv.
4.) I love celebrity gossip. (guilty pleasure)
5.) I really do care what other people think...even when I say I don't. (odd...I know!)
6.) I say a silent prayer for every road kill I see. (mannnn...I need therapy...lol)

Erin said...

Okay, I love your blog first of all and I got a few of my friends addicted as well.

Second, I have some secrets to share.

- I just spent a 250 dollars at Hobby Lobby but don't tell my husband.
- I watch Gossip Girl and The Real World but I try to act as if I'm not into that.
- When I was in elementary school I used to tell people I had a twin named Emily but that she didn't go to school with me and I have no twin.
- On Saturday mornings I pretend like I don't feel good so my husband will get up with the baby and I can sleep in.

That was fun! sorta.

Erin said...

Also, the Erin comment above me... that's not me. I'm happily married and not in love with anyone else. Just thought I'd clarify.

It's me! Jocelynne B! said...

I keep track of family members who don't call on my birthday and intend not to call on theirs, but I usually do anyway.

I'm messed up! And I know it! Rachel, feel free to delete any of my things if they aren't what you wanted.

I am excited to hear your news! I'm nosey like that! <---another sort of secret.

It's me! Jocelynne B! said...

Ok, so I wrote that I hate a lot of people. I don't. I'm not sure why I said that.

I do judge other people a lot.

I want another baby but I know I can't and shouldn't because of my bipolar.

I'm skeptical of people who want to be friends with me cuz I honestly think I'm a weirdo.

If I see a really overweight, I ask my husband if I'm as big as her.

I know I have things easy but I still get overwhelmed easily.

I'm nice to servers and cashiers cuz I know that most people aren't. And it makes me feel good. And we like leaving big tips.

Most of the nice things I do are to tip the karma scales in my favor as credits for when I do mess up. And I find that doing nice things for people when I'm down makes ME feel better.

When people EXPECT or hint that they want me to do nice things for them it makes me not want to do it.

Sorry Rachel! I totally jumped on this opportunity and even now I worry about being judged!

Michelle said...

I adore the pink panty secret. I am guilty of being lazy occasionally and throwing out something that should be recycled.

I guess one of my secrets is that I try to please everyone and get burnt out. I try to hide it.

Holly said...

Once when I was in grade three, I cheated on a spelling test. I totally looked at my neighbor's paper and changed my spelling. I felt so bad that that's the only time I've ever cheated in school.

Cali Girl said...

how cute. love your secrets. love everyone secrets. so fun!! xo.

i never answer my phone. i have a fear of talking on the phone and i cant even call people back unless i make myself but most of the time i dont bother.

every time i see someone smoking, i pray that the Lord helps them stop.

growing up at Christmas, i would open all my presents that i found ofmine and re-wrap them late at night. i always knew what i was getting before i was supposed to know.

i read my best friends journal when we lived in the dorms together in college.

i have my own secret savings that my husband doesnt know about.

i hate who my first kiss was with so i have always lied about it and just say that it was with my first boyfriend... since he was my first {real} kiss and the other boy was just a peck.

i want a baby so much but its not coming easy for me. its been a long 4 years waiting.

i hide junk food all the time and pig out behind my husbands back.

i love to look in peoples windows when im out walking the dogs.

i love eavesdropping.

once when we were on vacation in hawaii, the hotel next to ours was close enough where you could see in everyones windows, we bought binoculars when we were there just so we could watch them at night. we saw a lot of weird and disturbing stuff. it was fun.

im currently on medication that i havent told my husband about.

wow, i cant believe i just wrote all that... i probably have so much more but thats what came to mind.

Anonymous said...

1. I need to change my eating habits but don't want to. (cholesterol) I've been able to give up smoking on a whim but not sugar - too scared of the headaches to try!

2. I worry that something awful will happen to my husband or my boys (ie death)

3. my Husband does not want anymore children, (we have 2) but if I decide I want another one, I will just get pregnant w/o his aprooval. awlful and selfish I know!

4. I lie and tell my firends that we are worse off financally than we really are. THey will s complain and I just chime in like" oh, yeah, us too!"

5) I'm a stay-at-home mom with a bi-monthly housekeeper. only my parents know that! I'm a TERRIBLE housekeepr (bathrooms) so it's a neccessity!

6. THe last time I went to the dermatologist I got botox for my crow's feet - I haven't told anyone about it - not even my husband!

7. I wish my husband had some of the traits of my ex-boyfriend. I will never tell him that b/c a) it would hurt him and b) he might say that about me and HIS ex-girlfriend! :)

ya'll have a great week!
Amy from Texas

MAXimum MESS said...

Girl, the first year we were married, we always made excuses about why we couldn't go get dinner with people cause we were broke, too! Sometimes, I have busy days. But every once in a while, I'll just hang out in my pj's all day and not get anything done. But right before my husband is supposed to be home, I'll put on clothes and lay out stuff and whine about the "hard" day I have had! I sometimes go to the gym, spend 10 minutes on the treadmill, go get icecream, then come home and talk about my hard workout!

Jordan Radojcsics said...

Ok...since everyone else is sharing I will too.

1. I also use my cash to buy things that I shouldn't be buying so that I don't have to talk about it with my husband. Lol...though he wouldn't care and would probably laugh at me if he read this.

2. I wish I was rich so I could buy all the cuteness in the world...and all the stuff I need to create cuteness.

3. I peed the bed/cot TWICE while on a missions trip in London. I was in 9th grade! I drank too much tea and never made it to the bathroom. I never admitted to anyone there why I wanted to always go to the laundry mat and why I always wanted to wash my sleeping bag...so embarrassing.

4. I also sometimes "forget" to recycle because of laziness.

5. I drink way too much coffee for it to be healthy for me. But I don't think I will ever stop. And sometimes...just sometimes....I smoke the occasional cigarette with that coffee. EEK!

6. I am super shy. I get anxious in public places. My friends make fun of me because I tend to get really awkward and do silly things like give people the thumbs up or say things like "you too" when a waiter tells me to enjoy my meal. I will sometimes bring my son with me places just so I have an ice-breaker and I can talk about him instead of myself. I like to hide behind the hot bar making drinks at work (Starbucks) instead of talking to customers.

There's lots more where that came from! Lol!

Stephanie said...

Oooh, I like this.

My biggest one is probably that I throw my husband's stuff away when he's not around. He tends to be a pack rat and I just can't stand it.

I only get in trouble when he goes looking for some list he made in 1998.

Mia Helen said...

wowza! this is spectacular! Alrighty here goes...

1) I had a crush on a guy for 3 years and now i pretend like I hate him when I really don't

2)sometimes I laugh at someones joke when I have no idea what they are talking about and when someone asks me if I get it I say I do

3)I am SUPER jealous of my sisters singing skills and need to learn ho to appreciate my own skills

4)at camp once I laughed so hard I peed my pants and then had to sit through a discussion time with soggy pants. then i rinsed them in the sink and nobody knew :)

5) I am deathly afraid of calling people except my two best friends and my mom haha!

This was great Rachel! and congrats on the supa amazing News!

*Mia Helen* said...

for some reason my blog link isn't workin so I'm gonna try this thingy again hehe :)

Anonymous said...

1. I totally peed my pants at the age of 14! I was walking home from school and all of a sudden I had to go--I ran the rest of the way and was banging on the door, but when it finally opened it was too late.
2. I still check my bf's ex gf's myspace...and I've recently discovered that she has a blog. Eek.
3. I have seriously 'followed' peoples lives online (friends of friends, etc.) and it completely freaks me out if/when I meet them because I already know so much about them already.
4. I'm a serious klepto! I have always had money and yet I still find myself stealing clothes. I don't know why I do this.
5. Like some of the girls above, I ditch my friends(all the time)with a lie because I would rather stay at home and chill. I have also used my mom as an excuse ("my mom won't let me go out, she's so mean") and now my friends think my mom is evil.
And this is the worst...
6.I'm in love with my boyfriend of 3 years and will eventually marry him--but I am completely obsessed (and have been since the end of 2007) w/ someone else, who is his complete opposite, and I feel horrible.
Oh and did I mention that this guy is completely out of my league, and by some lucky twist of fate, he and I spent the whole night talking at a mutual friend of ours house, and while we didn't do anything, the chemistry was definitely there. This was a month ago.

I wouldn't dare put my name, too much to lose. I've never shared my secrets before. Thanks, Rachel!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Rachel!
1. I spend way more money than I let on about crafting supplies (but I don't think my husband would care anyways)
2. I drink way more coffee and chai than I let on because I want to appear more healthy than I guess I really am (but I bet no one would care anyways)
3. I care too much what other people think (and they usally are thinking the same thing I bet, anyways...)
4. and of course, I've peed my pants, in grades 2,3 and 6th. I have stolen from stores (and was arrested in 9th grade and that was my last time stealing), I've been so drunk that I've blacked out, I've went topless at Burning Man, I spend way too much time blog surfing, I'm scared to move to Mexico...
I'm sure there's more, just don't want to let too much out..

Christina said...

i was flying from the south of france to paris and had to pee really badly but i was in the middle seat so i decided to wait til we got off the plane to go to the bathroom... big mistake. by the time we were unloading our carry-on luggage i was dying. i literally left my mom in the terminal and RAN to the bathroom to only have to stand in line... suffice it to say... i didn't make it and had to have my mom give me a NEW pair of jeans and panties. lesson learned.

Liz said...
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kimmypalmer said...

WOW! Great POST! I don't feel so bad about skippin out on plans and not answering my phone now -- seems like lots of people do it.

1) I give people DECAF in their drinks @ work when they are rude or bitchy. I know, it's horribly wrong

2)I love Jelly Bellys! When I buy them out of the bins, where you scoop your own mix, I always eat about a handful before I make it to the register. SHOPLIFTER!

3) I lie about having a degree. I'm about 30 hours short.

4) I suck at cleaning and never do it because I know when it gets bad enough, my boyfriend will clean it up.

Thanks for letting me tell my secrets!

gigi said...

wow. okay.

1. i'm seriously shy around people i don't know. big time, frantically, panic attack shy. but i'm the hospitality director at our church, so i have to MAKE myself be nice and welcoming and seemingly confident to people. when i've told a few people this, they laugh and don't believe me.

2. i have a guilty conscience. if there is a gas station robbery two counties over, i will feel guilty about it. i'm continuously thinking i've made one of my friends mad, or replaying conversations i've had with others in my head disecting what i've said to make sure i didn't say anything mean or upsetting. it's so annoying to them and to me.

3. my husband has a psycho ex girlfriend who likes to "keep tabs" on us. (even though she's married) i purposely sometimes put things "out there" just for her. gosh that's awful, but if she's going to waste her time stalking, i'll feed her a bone from time to time. i can't believe i admitted that one...i'm thinking of erasing it.

4. i used to be engaged to a pastor that was physically abusive. i broke it off 3 months before we were to be married. when his mom confronted me on the whole thing, she said that i didn't love him enought to stick it out with him. i told her he didn't love ME enough to not hurt me. the secret though is...i NEVER loved him. EVER. nor did i ever think i did. he was controlling, manipulative and i was scared. i loved his family (for the most part), but never him. i've never admitted that to anyone besides my husband.

5. in high school i would flirt with this one guy i knew had a crush on me just so he'd let me copy off his math homework. he never stood a chance with me, but i hated math, so i flirted. that's so wrong.

6. i'm secretly competitive. only my husband and extremely close friends know this. i come off that i'm not competitve at all, but inside, i've got full out game plans to "win" whatever i decide is worth "winning".

7. i get so tired of always hearing about being "politically correct" i'm all for not being rude or degrading to anyone, but i can't stand it when people can't give their opinions *respectfully* without others crying about them being "haters" or whatever. if you get to give your opinion proudly and freely, then so should everyone else, even if their's doesn't "agree" with yours. we're all equal, and for goodness sakes, lets get off being so whiny and wearing our emotions on our sleeves. i just hate how people have to "tip toe" around hot topic issues for fear of being blasted because of their opinions. i never say this in person because it's such a popular issue, and completely trendy to be 'polically correct". blah. just respect everyone, and play nice. good grief!

8. when my husband and i are out and i see a girl whos figure is cute or not cute, i'll nudge him and ask him if i'm as skinny or skinnier than her. he gets so mad and says it's wrong for a wife to ask her husband to check out another girls rump. but i'm curious. i have a warped view of my body, and i want to see what it looks like from a distance and not in a mirror.

alrighty...i've probably admitted more than i should. yikes.