Where We Store Our Perishables

Polaroid of the sky in California before we left.
Black and white of Brett and I a few years before Sebastian.
Polaroid of Sebastian's funny face enjoying Starbucks.
Every day underwear post cards from Elsie Flannigan.
Brett's most recent list of ways to enrich family life.
The carefully chosen magnet from Sebastian's favorite matching board game that he decided needed to be displayed on the fridge AT ALL TIMES.


anne esquibel said...

I like thos magnets, i used to plastic clippy ones and they had face, happy sad, mad, and we'd put the bills on the sad ones haha.

Toni Brockliss said...

I wish we could get those magnets in Australia. I haven't seen them anywhere.
I love your fridge and that your hubby takes the time to write a list about your dear family. You've got a keeper.

Elsie Flannigan said...

i loveee it!
i tried to do the underwear cards on my fridge (blatant copy of you, per usual) but i am so much more forgetful than you are and it's forever sunday.... oh wellsss.

i love your blog!!

julio n carla said...

i still want those underwear postcards soooo badly! do you think they'll be at the store?!?!

i love the simplicity and loveliness of your home!

RachelDenbow said...

julio n carla. I'm not sure Elsie will carry them in the new store but you can e-mail her and see if she's still printing them.

They are one of my favorite things in the kitchen!

Jessica G. said...