An Inappropriate Amount of Work To Tackle by a Nauseous Pregnant Woman Who Didn't Get Her Floors Swept This Weekend

* Sweep Floors.
* Rearrange Sebastian's room and put air mattress away before he decides it's his new bed.
* Draft plans for new storage units in studio.
* Design new chalkboard thought bubbles for RVA.
* Fold and put away fabric on studio floor.
* Finish sewing aprons for RVA.
* Eat something every two hours.
* Pee every twenty minutes.
* Blog about RVA Crafty Weekend.
* Research Montessori Method.
* Regret that I didn't call my brother tonight and won't be able to talk to him for three weeks.
* Call Brett's grandma about quilt.
* Prepare for doily tank top tutorial on Pretty.
* Cash checks.
* Avoid laundry pile.
* Send Mom her birthday present.
* Do sit ups.
* Think about going to the gym.
* Clean out fridge of RIPE produce.
* Call Meemaw.
* Help SIL find furniture on Craigslist.
* Avoid purchasing anything at a flea market.
* Donate items to Goodwill.
* Change water in flower vases.
* Keep an eye on the ants.
* Stand outside in the sun for as long as it's warm and things aren't spinning.
* Make Play-Doh with Sebastian.
* Sweep floors again.

Let's be honest. I'll accomplish about six of these things before Friday. Maybe seven.

What's on your list?


Elaine said...

you're too funny.
Your to-do list looks about like mine: long and overwhelming.
I hope the nausea isn't TOO bad.

smauge said...

1. Breathe in
2. Breathe out
3. Breathe in
4. upload more Etsy stock
5. Breath out
...you get the picture

Amber said...

Oy, my list seems just as long this week. Not fun stuff, either. Blech.

Veronica said...

1. make cherry kool-aid playdough is on my list for tomorrow.
2. Start 2 HUGE, BIG, ENORMOUS wholesale orders
3. sew a banner for ethan's room
4. Start & finish 2 layouts for my LSS DT.
5. Stress less.

cute and peculiar said...

:) It seems you have a lot on your plate. So excited for you about the pregnancy!!! I saw that you were looking into the Montessori method and I thought you might like to look at Regio method too. My MIL mentioned it to me and i thought is sounded interesting. Good luck on the rest of your list :) I never get all of mine done either. HA

Our Green Nest said...

I feel you...my lists for today and this week are incredibly long! Hope you get more things done on yours than you think...but mostly that you relax when necessary and take care of that growing baby inside of you! :) Have a good one!

Eeffie said...

Great title! And should you even be doing sit-ups being pregnant?

Hope your nausea is a bit better!

margot said...

sit ups? SIT UPS? take that off the list please. lol. in it's place add something like eat pickles and icecream :-)

my list-
1.design a dora spring line for next year
2. eat cornbeef & cabbage for st patricks day
3. make a i heart handmade mobile
4. grocery shop

Freckled Nest said...

lol, my list makes me feel hyperventilation coming on ;)

Brooke said...

My list is just as long! i would cross off sit ups and gym first thing, and just forget that you didn't actually do them. make more time for fabric and playdough!

MAXimum MESS said...

What a big list! Actually, I have to write a paper on Montessori schools for one of my classes that's due at the end of the week! Add that to loads of laundry, a semi-gross apartment, and a cute kiddo to play with, and I have a pretty full week, also. And I agree with someone else who mentioned the Reggio Emilia curriculum. You might want to look into that, also. It's also really child centered, like Montessori. I'm working on my child development degree, and I have a class this semester all about different early childhood curriculums. Seems like I can't get away from reminders about class anywhere I go! Good luck with your list!

Bridget said...

My list is super long this week, too! I vote clean the fridge first--I did that at the beginning of my weekend, and now every time I open the fridge I feel very accomplished. :)

Tea said...

*eeek* Isn't pregnancy a really good excuse for relaxing on the couch??

Anonymous said...

Girl, I wish I could help you cross a few off of that list. Really. Not fun having a lengthy to do list hanging over your head. I'll be a-prayin' for ya.

Katherine said...

**finish up with the shop vac on all of the baseboards and weird cracks between hardwood floors and carpet.
**laundry, dishes
**play, play, play with henry (and hope he is well enough to go to preschool tomorrow!)
**pay health insurance bill
**list vintage items in shop
**cut out skirt pattern
**sign up for kindergarten
**design coin purses using thrifted sailor fabric and millions of leftover zippers from other (failed!) project
**clean craft supplies off the floor in my bedroom. and the sewing room. and the family room.
**fresh pine for the chickens
**reserve rototiller for this weekend
**babysit hudson wednesday and friday
**lunch with friends thursday

i could go on and on, but i won't bore you to tears!! just didn't want you to feel alone with your mountain of tasks. :)

if you have not done so, check out this blog:
she has some great montessori ideas and resources!

julio n carla said...

holy busy girl!
here's mine... www.sprysonawire.blogspot.com


Johanna said...

Wow that's a long list of things to do... I just marked of a few of my list. I love that feeling of marking things off a good list (and I have plenty of them) ;) I hope you get to do that to, take care! Johanna

RachelDenbow said...

That's the blog that got me so excited about it in the first place!

She's on my blog roll now.

And here's to another long to do list!

Melody said...

I won't even go there in making my to-do list. It's just too depressing for a Monday. ;-)

Take it easy on yourself and don't overdo it. That only makes nausea worse. Plus stress can do a number on those lovely pregnancy hormones you have floating around in your body.

Blessings dear...

rachellovespeace said...

oh my i just fell in love with your shop ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

erin said...

my goodness! first, take a nap...

for some easy montessori reading, check out tim seldon's "how to raise an amazing child" and pretty much any of paula polk lillard's books. i'd be happy to answer any questions for you, too!

1sublimegirl said...

My mom has been a Montessori teacher for almost 30 years. I also went to the school she taught at for my early years.

I too recommend How to raise an amazing child the Montessori way by Tim Seldin.
It is a great introduction to the Montessori Method.

Here is a link to the Montessori Foundation

Everyone can't finish all of their to do lists all the time! Remember to add hug family and nap to your lists, and add them often!


Katherine said...

i just saw victoria's post on you and elsie! congratulations! i'm glad to see you get some much deserved recognition for all of your hard work!

anne esquibel said...

I'm totally going to post mine on my blog :)

Lynne said...

i thought you might like to see this post on my daughter's blog

~Valentina~ said...

*FUNNY* and NOW I feel bad and guilty because I was feeling overwhelmed with my simple list :S

RachelDenbow said...


Your daughter's apron post was great! I don't have an apron fetish because I don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen (husband's territory) but I love the look of them!

Thanks for pointing me that way!

Klara J said...

Funny thing, researching Montessori was on my list too! I had to do an assignment on it, and have come to the conclusion that it's my 2nd favourite teaching philosophy. First would be Reggio Emilia :) But I like Montessori method because Montessori was a lady :)

Tami said...

we love Montessori. i highly recommend it

Anonymous said...

take it easy :)
ps side walk chalk paint is VERY easy to make (equal parts corn starch and water and a bit of food coloring ) the n paint up the side walk :) yay!!!

Cat said...

WOW!! That is quite a to-do list!! And what is this "sweeping floors" concept you speak of?
Oh and I left a comment on Elsie's blog--you are more than welcome, as well if you guys are ever doing crafty stuff this direction :)