A List Of Things

* Yesterday, I saw the first garden snake basking in the sun along the side of our house. And I didn't scream.

* Our new spring backyard is speckled with daffodil and crocus buds.

* A tornado in Lebanon, MO blew our tent across the yard and ripped such a big hole in the cover that we've got no choice but to throw it away.

* I put my hair up in a braid. It's probably been ten years since my last single braid.

* I've been daydreaming about summer dresses with leggings and sandals.

* I finished my class samples for the May Red Velvet Art weekend. I'm most excited about the dimensional journaling class!

* I've spent the majority of my weekend on the couch or in bed trying to recover from the yucky that Sebastian had last weekend. I managed to enjoy the Audrey Hepburn movie 'Love in the Afternoon'.

* I've got a YMCA membership that hasn't been used in a week.

* My son is the most beautiful boy I've ever known.

* I've got a meeting with Elsie to organize and streamline our next few months.

* My studio has been an ignored disaster this week. New projects + urgent deadlines + sick = just make another pile on the floor where you can find space.

* Two sunny days in a row have spoiled us into thinking it's okay to put the space heater away and take the plastic off the south windows.

* Those nausea pills I ordered can't get here soon enough.

* I am fighting the urge to rearrange every room in my house.

* We've been listening to the new U2, Neko Case, and Loney Dear albums all weekend.


Liz V. said...

i love lists! :]

i have never seen that audrey hepburn movie.. i will have to check it out!

mrs boo radley said...

1. I would have screamed enough for the both of us if I saw that snake.

2. Sorry to hear about your tent.

3. I love Neko.

Alicia said...

ahh, leggings with a sundress....what a great way to slowly make that transition from winter wear to summer without feeling suddenly naked.

Bekka said...

Feel better soon!

I am so happy for spring! I mean, I love winter and all, but I'm ready for transition.

And you're not alone in the "piling". I'm thankful for a very patient husband. :)

robin said...

hey there!...I've been a little out of the loop, been sick myself..hope you are feeling better
and just wanted to say how exciting to hear about "good news"
Nausea is "Yuck" but glad to hear your feeling it..(little dude is growing inside) and glad to hear my other fav little dude "mr.S" is feeling better..loved you painting
and hope you do more!!!

Anonymous said...

I am also dreaming of summer dresses.

Rachel said...

Rach -

I can't recommend enough - Preggo Pops from Motherhood. They make the lollipops and also little hard candy squares. I think the main ingredient is ginger... but they helped me. I was never sick with my boys, but my girl had me wanting to barf every.second.

Congrats and good luck! Carry Saltines!


Suzanne said...

great list.
i love audrey hepburn.
i am so freakin excited for spring!

anne esquibel said...

Poor tent.
B r i n g o n t h e s u n d r e s s e s ! ! ! !

MAXimum MESS said...

Sad day with the tent! And the weather here has been nice, too. We've been opening up the windows, but I'm too afraid to put away the space heater quite yet. I'm loving the daffodil picture! I can't wait for it to stay warm!

julio n carla said...

cute list... i always love your lists! oo and new music to check out! i must do that! thanks rachel!
ooo and i hope your pills come soon! :D

Miss Wanderlust said...

cute list!! hope you are feeling better :)

Melody said...

I too have been spoiled by the nice weather lately. I spent most of Saturday and all of Sunday in bed though with the ickiness. A snake in your yard...eek. Bummer about your tent. I can't wait to see pics of this new longer hair and the upcoming summer dresses, leggings and sandals. I painted my toenails a cute pink and wore flip flops today. It was glorious !

P.S. Thank you so much for the email. It really cheered my day to hear from you.

The Front Porch said...

Hello from Oregon. I recently discovered your blog, just love your ideas and thrifting finds, and have added your link to my favorites. Thanks for being you!

Christen Krumm said...

oooh tell me about the nausea pills....

Gabi said...

cool blog! I enjoyed reading your list, lol.

michelle and brittany said...

i'm glad to see i'm not the only one who is enjoying spring prematurely! granted, down here in south louisiana, we don't really have spring...we go straight to summer. but this afternoon, i enjoyed a few hours basking in the sun reading a good book...bathing suit and all! now if only the swimming pool water wasn't still freezing! :] i'll be sad when another cold snap hits us in a few weeks...

Joy said...

My gym membership went unused for about three months while I was sick at the beginning of this pregnancy.