Reporting For Duty

I had these wooden pieces custom cut for the chalkboard key rack (shown below) but couldn't stop thinking about painting on them. It only took me a week to pour the paints and get started this time! I have a few more in various stages that will be presented upon completion and one that was almost done until I jacked it up with something that I don't know that I can fix. It's part of the process I guess, so I can't count it a total waste.

The cloud theme and colors scheme carried over from my last painting but these are more graphic than abstract. I think I'll be making a few more before I start experimenting with some other styles.

I used a sharpie to sign my name on the side but figured I needed to add my last name or something more significant since I'm not a 'Madonna' or 'Cher'. So, I added my last name and then it looked dorky. Then I remembered my idea from last week of doing some fun journaling on the back and decided it was the best way to make the random last name on the back work. One of those happy accidents.

One of the other projects I've finished this week is a chalkboard key rack.It measures 9" x 10" and features a chalkboard front and three metal hooks to keep your keys handy. It could also be used to stash your favorite necklaces and show off your mad doodling skills. They'll be available in the RVA shop with the next update on Friday at 11 a.m. for your purchasing pleasure.

Photo by Leigh-Ann.

Speaking of Leigh-Ann, I walked in to Elsie's loft yesterday afternoon (totally winded from climbing the two sets of stairs) and turned the corner to the kitchen to find a sweet Canadian sitting pretty and working hard at her crafty to-do list. It was one of those short and sweet meetings that was mostly business but I'm looking forward to spending a little more time together before the big craft weekend. So far I know that she loves Sierra Mist and guacamole and that if we lived in the same city, we'd be hanging out a lot.

More mind eruption soon along with the cutest pictures of my son's first ice cream truck experience.




Peptogirl said...

soooo pretty! love the chalkboard too! are you going to have prints made of your cloud painting? I want it soooo bad!

julio n carla said...

those paintings are pretty! yay! i need one!!!!
oh and only 7 more days and i'll be in springfield! i can hardly stand it! i'm like a school kiddos waiting for summer vacation! :D

RachelDenbow said...


YEs, I got an affirmative on the first painting being sold as prints from Elsie. She was waiting for a specific time frame on them as she's going to be adding other new prints, too.


RachelDenbow said...


Can't wait to meet you!

hollysarah said...

rachel you never cease to inspire me with your creations... I LOVE those paintings! The graphic style is really charming, and the colors are delightful!! :)

I've met LA once, and thought she was the sweetest too. I'm lucky to live only a lil over an hour from her! I look forward to hearing about her trip when she returns.

.... you made me crave cotton now, thanks. lol.

hollysarah said...

and by cotton I mean the candy... (sheesh, it's bed time)

Violet said...

I'm really (REALLY) loving that key hanger / chalk board. You're such a clever lady!

Sandy said...

Your paintings are beautiful and I can't wait for prints. I love the new chalkboard and can't wait for the update. You are so creative. :) Can't wait to see the ice cream truck update.

Bridget said...

Oh, ice cream truck excitement! I grew up in a really small town, so my first ice cream truck experience in Springfield was pretty hilarious. First, excitement (OH mY GOSH! I can hear music!), then realization that the ice cream 'truck' is an old army jeep, then continued excitement over getting ice cream from a guy parked in the middle of my street. It was awesome! :)

robyn said...

hey rachel, it's robyn....we met at the shop once...anyway, i was curious if you knew of any fabric stores in spfld (besides joanns, hancocks and fm). i vaguely remember you mentioning one i hadn't heard of before. i am looking for some great oil cloth fabric to recover some outdoor patio furniture. thanks! :)

RachelDenbow said...

Hey Robyn,

There is a shop on Cherry St. and just East of National that is called She's Crafty. She carries some Amy Butler and some other designers but the selection isn't huge and I'm not sure if they carry oil cloth. I have only been there once and that was three months ago.

Good luck!

Brooke said...

Love the paintings-the colors are so pretty!

anne esquibel said...

Hey Rachel, glad to see you are getting around ok and all. Keep doing what you do - makes me wanna work on stuff too..soon you will have the whole world turning to handmade goodness.


robyn said...

Thank you! I'll check it out today!

Michelle said...

Ooh...lovely! Those cloud paintings rock! :) And happy ice-cream trucking!!

Charin said...

Those cloud paintings are lovely! :)
The signature on the back is great :)
And oh my gosh, I would have fainted if I saw a snake in my bathroom!!