RVA Weekend Coming Up

phtoto via RVA blog

We're putting the finishing touches on all of our kits and getting things ready for everyone who is coming to take part in our weekend of fun! A supply list for each class has been posted on our RVA blog so you can make sure you've got everything you need as well as directions on registration, etc. We're so excited and can't wait to meet you guys!!!


margot said...

even though i am meeting you guys in june, i am still so upset i can't come to this!!!!
can't wait to see the blog posts after though, it looks like so much fun!

julio n carla said...

yippeeeeeee! see you soon! my flight leaves montana tomorrow at 2! (hopefully if the blizzard goes away!)
can't wait!

Mandi said...

Awww you look so cuuute in that pic! :) You guys are going to have so much fun.