If At First You Don't Succeed, Go Back To What Used To Work

Apparently, I used up all of my favors from PayPal after posting a Merchant Services button under my new online class because no amount of begging, pleading, or trying the same thing with my older classes allowed me to use the same feature. So, I've dusted off the old RVA Etsy shop and added the three classes from 2008 and vintage ephemera packs for your purchasing pleasure. The three online classes use a similar style but unique techniques in each class and will leave you with a full 24 (plus a few bonus) pages if you take all three classes.

First Online Art Journal Class
'Steady Hand, Faulty Heart'
Class Price: $15
Purchase Here

Second Online Art Journal Class
'Faulty Hearts Are Lovely'
Class Price: $15
Purchase Here

Third Online Art Journal Class
'Steady Hands Sometimes Shake'
Class Price: $15
Purchase Here

Vintage Paper Ephemera Pack
Price: $6.50 plus shipping
Purchase Here

All user names and passwords will be sent to you via the e-mail on your PayPal receipt on May 25th. If your current e-mail is different from your PayPal e-mail, you will need to make me aware of that so that I can get your information to you. Purchases made after May 25th will receive their info within 48 hours of payment.

Thanks for all of the enthusiasm and compliments from those who have already taken these classes. I truly enjoyed sharing these pages the first time and hope those of you who are signing up are equally as happy with your results.

P.S. Don't forget to check the post below for the newest online art journal class 'I Do Solemnly Swear' to document your summer in advance. You can purchase it directly from my blog.


michelle and brittany said...

so what if we purchased "steady hand, faulty heart" way back in the day and would like to still have access to it. is that possible?


RachelDenbow said...

Yes. It's still up for those who had it the first time.

I won't change the password unless I realize it's being given out without payment.

Good question.

anne esquibel said...

That Paper pack looks really tempting! :)

Katherine said...

rachel, i love these pages! when i was in my late teens/early 20's i was OBSESSED with sabrina ward harrison's books and would look at them again and again. each time i did i felt i saw something new. i have the same feeling when looking at these pages--they are wonderful!

margot said...

i'm getting them all.
but i'm confused- (lol, shocker) they work like the other classes, right? i just log into private blogs like the other rva classes? but these have been up already? is that what is going on ?! lol
(ps where was i when these were originally up- i wish i've read your blog since the beginning of time- these look awesome!!!)

RachelDenbow said...


Me, too! YOu can probably tell that my style was pretty influenced by her work. I still have all of her books by my bedside and go through when I need a reminder to be honest with myself.


I offered these last August through October and then took them down from my shop until now. It's the same format as the new one. All on different private blogs. I love typepad sometimes.

Katherine said...

yes, i can see the influence, but your work is definitely "rachel," not "sabrina." i think the appeal (for me, at least) is being able to really see the progression of ideas and thoughts, and to be able to see that other people go through the same struggles that we do.
another book, which i have spent hours with, is "the journals of dan eldon: the journey is the destination." the subject matter is kind of dark, yet so beautiful and inspiring at the same time.

Eduarda Magalhães said...
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MAXimum MESS said...

I'm still debating whether I am going to take one of them. I've always wanted to journal, but just never really had any motivation or inspiration to just do it. I've been dying to take one of your classes but school has been crazy. I finally have a little break, and I think I'm going to sign up!

Clair said...

Thanks for re-offering these, I missed them the first time around. I've just signed up for one of these classes and I am really excited!