Recap of the RVA Craft Weekend

(photo by Will Vastine)

Still recovering from the fun and unable to form thoughtful, poignant paragraphs. Here's a breakdown of what I loved about these last few days.

* Tote class and long conversations.
* Mood lighting at the craft party.
* Painted boxes and shared stories.
* Representation from all four corners of the country and beyond.
* Solo pizza house adventure.

* Magical piano concert in the studio.
* Little boys who lick off the cupcake frosting.
* Leather covers, ice picks, rounded needles and paper cuts.
* Curly hair advice given and taken.
* Learning new slang.

* Crossing paths with Emma again.
* Chinese food runs in the rain.
* Secrets and truths.
* Dressing up.
* Talking shop and sharing sources.
* Adjusting expectations and forging ahead.

* Watching.
* "Just kidding."
* Crashing on the couch each night.
* Hugs and kisses at the door.
* Free ice cream at Braum's for Sebastian.

* Celebrating some of the men who made this weekend work for their women.
* Enjoying the sincerity and attention in each conversation.
* Hoping we can all catch up on our sleep.


Heidi Harlequin said...

It looks like it was so much fun!

I am so sad that I couldn't come!

I would have loved to get away just as much as I would have loved a whole craft weekend!

You are so cute preggers, Rachel!

Miss Wanderlust said...

Yay! I love you and miss you so much already!! If you are ever in St. Louis, we have to get together :) I have already hit up Tandy :D

Jamie said...

Awwww! Looks like such an amazing and magical time! I'm so sorry I missed out on it! Hopefully there will be a "next time"! You are the cutest pregnant lady ever, Rachel!

RachelDenbow said...

Thanks, girls! I wish we could have enjoyed everyone's company, too!!!

Janel, post a pic of your Tandy supplies! I'm kind of obsessed with leather right now.

I'm thinking we'll have to make it to at least one Cardinals game this year so we'll call you for coffee when that happens!

Klara J said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend :) Oh how I wish I lived in America! I would've been there with bells on!!

michelle and brittany said...

aww dang, i wish i'd have taken more pictures! agh! i so enjoyed talking and getting to know you better this weekend. you truly are a special person and i'm so glad we've connected. :] i miss everyone so much already...this last night in springfield is kind of depressing! haha. i look forward to keeping in touch and hopefully hanging out again soon! :]


margot said...

Wowwwwww! Looks so amazing!!!! Hope u guys host another one next year!!!!!

Violet said...

You are the cutest pregnant lady ever! You so deserve every minute of it, too! <3

Glad your weekend went well!

Freckled Nest said...

love you rach!
i'll email you back soon, and don't worry about missing a goodbye with eachother; I know I'll be back someday, somehow :) mwah!

anne esquibel said...

Looks like a good time girl! Glad you felt well and could manage.

Hope you catch up on rest. I'm right there with needing rest too!


Liz V. said...

it looks like it was suuuuch a wonderful weekend! i wish i was there! maybe next year :]

Anonymous said...

I wish I had been there, it looks fantastic. You girls did a great job putting it all together!

Alexa said...

Sounds fun! Can i get me some of that Curly hair advice plllleeeease (you can never have enough!.

kimi said...

ah, that was the best recap ever! i miss your smiling face already and am so glad to have gotten to know you better! can't wait to come and visit again! let me know if you get time when you come down to dallas, maybe we can get together?

Julie said...

Hey Rachel,
It was so nice meeting you on Friday.
I felt like I was meeting a celebrity! You were so nice and it was great talking to you. Hopefully I'll see you again sometime!

-Julie/"College Visit Girl"

RachelDenbow said...


I hope your visit to MSU was a positive one. Good luck with your search! It was really nice to meet you and your family as well.

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Looks like so much fun!!

ashley said...

Hey Rachel! I hope you are recovering from the amazing weekend! I had such a great time and it was very fulfilling to meet everyone! So, what was the "Just Kidding" comment about? Probably me. I get nervous and talk a lot! I hope it didn't annoy anyone! Well, maybe it did if there is an inside joke about it! Love you all! Have a creative week!

RachelDenbow said...


Jari kept saying it because of the Saturday Night Live sketch of the travel agent that never talks about travel. She talks really fast and says 'Just Kidding' over and over and over. It's hilarious.

I just looked through all of your pictures. Good memories!

jen renee said...

awwwww, looks like you all had an amazing weekend! loved the recap. :)

Kelly C. said...

This sounds like s o MUCH fun! I wish I could have come!
I really love the sweet dose of inspiration you give here at your blog.
All good things.

Tess said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, fun, fun, fun. I'm jealous!!

Shyla Erickson said...

Rachel, I had a great time at the craft weekend and it was a real treat to meet you! I wrote my blog down wrong on the sheet so if you ever want to check it out it is:
:) Shyla

sabertooth said...

youre my favorite pregnant lady evvverrrrr