Blog Party Invite!

Elsie invited me to be a part of her 24 hour blog party today. I've gathered up some work from artists who are inspiring me right now and I'm offering fun giveaways to two lucky ducks. All you have to do is leave a comment here including five things you want to do this summer.

I've also posted a little tutorial on my latest thrift store find on the RVA blog. I see them everywhere but I usually don't pay them much attention. I think I just decided how I'm going to package Christmas gifts this year!

Today is the start of my new Art Journaling online class! The first two tutorials are up and I've already seen a finished page in our flickr stream! I've had a few people ask if it's too late to sign up and my answer is, "Of course not!" Click on this link to purchase a slot for 'I Do Solemnly Swear'. (If you happen to be that one person who gets picked for this class, you'll get a refund.)

Today's activities include:

* Getting our yellow hose back from the neighbors so we can attach the sprinkler head and run through it in our front yard.
* Make it to the YMCA for a good hour of working out.
* Eat more watermelon.
* Plan out our work schedules since Brett will be done with subbing on Wednesday.
* Finish Breaking Dawn and try not to give away too much about the ending to Brett.
* Make my first summer dress.



Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm excited!

melissa kaye said...

You are truly amazing, Rachel!


RachelDenbow said...

Thank you!

Violet said...

Eeepp! Let us know what you think about Breaking Dawn. !! Or, email me... I love some good Twilight chat!

margot said...

watermelon :-)

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

LOVE your giveaway...signed up for it a few hours ago....!!!!!!
Sarah M

Adelle said...

aw breaking dawn is such a good book, i caved into them and ended up reading the whole set in less than a week!!! :O and that was while i still had classes on at uni... i clearly didnt do enough work that week! :D

anne esquibel said...

Hey girl, tagged ya in my blog.

amy lapi said...

brett subs?!!

i sub!!!

my last day is wednesday, too!

alittlebitofscrap said...

The art journal class looks like fun!

Judith Cebreros said...

I love giveaways!!!

1.Go to Ireland

2. Excercise more

3.More picnics

4.Eat healthy

5.Shoot, shoot, shoot more

michelle and brittany said...

that's quite an ambitious list! i hope you got it all done! :]

RachelDenbow said...

hmmmm...nope. It didn't happen that way after all.

No dress
No hose
No plans

I DID finish the book!

Anonymous said...

I love that turquoise! Too cute/so pretty.

While I was browsing through Elsie's blog party this morning, I scrolled up to your section (without knowing it was yours at the time) and could totally tell that it was your post! You have a unique voice/a particular taste in pictures that I love!

Hope you're doing well :)

RachelDenbow said...

Thank you, Kayla Grace.

That made my day!