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I've been slowly working on a few things whilst on vacation in Oklahoma with my side of the family. I've added a few handmade baby blankets made from vintage sheets that have long been in my stash as well as some reversible, gender-neutral bibs, and a collage from vintage ephemera displayed on a cute little clipboard to the Red Velvet Art shop. (Larger collage will be added as soon as I can get the photos upright.) The 3-D boxed journaling sets from our RVA weekend will soon be back in stock as well!

I hope to add more collages over the next week as I get my hands on more clipboards. I've always been drawn to old maps and vintage papers so clipboards seemed the perfect way to display these handmade pieces.

The blanket above is one I'll reproduce for Ruby because I love that yellow sheet and the pairing of whites and creams with the blue binding. It's got 100% cotton batting on the inside and measures about 34" x 34". They are the perfect size to lay newborns down while you change your spit up laden shirt. Handmade shower gifts are also the best way to win a new mama's heart!

This blanket is made of blues, greens, yellows, and browns with a striped green backing and yellow, floral binding. See more pictures here.

Two styles of gender-neutral, quilted, reversible, machine-washable baby bibs are also new to the RVA store. The contrast of these polka-dots and bindings are my favorite! AND...the patterns won't show stains! Unless your kid loves prunes. And if your kid loves prunes...go ahead and show that off.

So, I've been with Sebastian in Oklahoma/Texas for a little over a week visiting my side of the family and have celebrated my cousin's wedding, Father's Day, my brother's birthday, and our wedding anniversary. The sad part is we've had to do all of this without Brett (make a sad face here). I miss, miss, miss my husband. This is the longest we've ever been apart and we've still got another week to go before he meets us out here before Sebastian's birthday on the 4th of July. I CAN'T WAIT!
I've been borrowing PC's from my family to catch up with e-mails and online class slots and I'm beginning to miss my Mac, too. I'm so used to using those shortcuts, that software, etc. so getting online has been a little less enjoyable. I'm also giving myself permission to take a break from being online while with family so that we can enjoy our short time together. BUT...I miss you guys, too.
Lots of missing things and lots of unusual bouts of hormon-fueled crying sessions this week. I'm blaming it on pregnancy but it might also have something to do with handling a toddler who has suddenly decided to do the opposite of everything I ask him to do, who has started using the sign for 'STOP' instead of directly saying 'NO', and who has taken advantage of vacation mode to ask for soda every time we eat out. I'm sure the weepy moments will pass and once we get back home the old rules and boundaries will be more easily accepted so I'm doing my best to remain optimistic.
Spending time running through the sprinklers and chasing fire flies has helped. A little chocolate ice cream has also been utilized to induce pleasant feelings. See you soon.


AndiMae said...

I love your new quilts. What lovely colors. And I'm so sorry you've had such a rough week with the little man! I've had a rough one with my two as well- is it the heat or just their age? I don't know... But I'll be praying for you!

P.S. So excited to hear that you are having a little girl! I have one of each and it is the best!

P.P.S. I just bought a slot for your first class this week- I haven't gotten a chance to start it yet, but I love what I have read of the prompts so far.

michelle said...

we all miss you too rachel! glad to hear you're enjoying time with the family...hopefully sebastian will calm down a bit for you :]


madison said...

you already picked a name!? Ruby?! If you did that's a beautiful name for what i'm sure will be a sweet baby girl.

Anonymous said...

I love all your new project!!

Sarah said...

Super cute stuff :) I love the 3-d art journaling kit, got mine last week and can't wait to get started!
have a good vacation! Is Ruby the new addition's name?

Anonymous said...

Is Ruby the name of the baby to come? How sweet! Way to go with being productive while visiting family and celebrating a lot!

Anonymous said...

My birthday is 4 of July to:) Congrats to your son.
Haha, I am realy releating to this post, my man is away to, going realy sentimental over here:)

I love the quilts, the fabric looks rely cool!
And the clipboard, what a great idea!

Jordan Radio said...

LOVE the quilts and bibs. The quilt especially is so beautiful.

Sorry to hear that you've had such a tough week. But if it's any consolation my almost 3 year old has been testing my patience lately too! He really has a strong will but I like to think that hopefully that will be helpful later on in life.

Keep up the good mommying and art! HUGS!

Erin said...

Those are so cute...I'm glad that they are going in the shop. I will have to make a purchase. Super cute.

margot said...

and think the collage, blankets, bibs, etc. are beautiful!

Steve Rodli said...

Hi Rachel, Happy Anniversary to you guys, I was looking through some of Elsie's pages and saw one with you guys and noted that it was dated June 2002. Glad you're having a good time with family. Thank You for being so prompt with the E-mail turn-a-round. Prayers. Happy happies and Joy joys to you and yours. Joyce

Coralene said...

I want a little boy so much (I have two girls) and have been seriously thinking about having another baby lately, but reading what you wrote about the hormonal cries kind of jolted me back to reality! Pregnancy is so fun and beautiful, but it can definitely be a very lonely time every once in awhile. I cried so much during my second pregnancy that my eyes were sometimes sore! I hope you feel better! (and I still want a little boy :))

Your quilts and bibs are just sweet as pie, by the way. Lucky, fancy little babies!

MAXimum MESS said...

I love those baby blankets! Those clipboards are a great idea for displaying those vintage papers. And I don't know if it's your pick for your new little one's name, but Ruby is so beautiful! It was on our list of names if we had a girl!

Amber Avenue said...

Those bibs are so cute! I love the colors.

jari spry said...

i super duper miss you! and i know exactly what you're talking about... vacation + no hubby around + no computer + kids not listening + no contact with online friends = very crabby, sad me!
but i'm baaaaack! and will hopefully be able to get some pages done for idss.