Happy Birthday to America and Sebastian

I'm so thankful for a country that affords me so many rights and privileges as a young woman! Today we'll be celebrating from the moment we wake up until just after dark when those fireworks go off at the park. Sebastian is turning three. We're going to let him feel celebrated, too.

PonyParty is celebrating with a fresh update to the shop filled with vintage finds from the flea markets I've discovered in the last two weeks here in Oklahoma. I'll be continuing to update on Saturday in between sugar rushes and bright lights!

Vintage tin from Holland!

I hope you're able to spend your Independence Day with those you love. Don't forget the ice cream and sparklers!



Anonymous said...

A big ole happy birthday to Sebastian from Texas! Hope he gets lots of sugar and family time - always does the trick for me on birthdays!

flying scissors said...

Happy 3. birthday to Sebastian.
What a great day to celebrate. I wish you all much fun, cake and lovely presents for the little one.

Now he can him: DreiKäsehoch = Three Cheese tall as you ould say here in germany.

flying scissors said...

Now he can call him. (tipped to fast)


bono said...

Happy happy birthday Sebastian! Does he get 3 scoops of icecream now he is 3? Hope you all have a great day

Katy said...

Hey girl, miss you and the family. Happy Birthday S! We'll have to post celebrate with a trip to the fountains. Tell the cali family hello for me.

happy sparkler day!

- katy

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Great vintage finds!!