Pack It In

This weekend was full of activities and out of towners! Friday evening Brett and I went to see Harry Potter for a much needed date night. The theaters were STILL packed three days after the opening and we barely managed to get two seats together in the front section. I would've played the pregnancy card if I'd had to in order to sit next to my husband on date night! We loved it.

Saturday was for garage sales with my Katy friend, lunch with Angela and her friend from KC, meeting Suki at the RVA shop, home to see my boys, coffee with Jamie, Talisha, Ashley and her entourage, home for a moment, dinner, Lens Crafters, and back home to get the little man ready for bed.

Tired was an understatement. I actually went to bed in the 10:00 o'clock hour, something I haven't done since high school! It was energy well spent, though, and Brett now has his first pair of hot prescription glasses. (Pictures to come.)

Sunday included being late for church, coffee at the Mudhouse, a trip to the park, an afternoon of cleaning and blog makeover to do lists, watching Sebastian swim like a frog, and a Redbox DVD that Brett found much more interesting than I did. It may be because I was too focused on making my second granny square! I've almost decided on the color scheme for this blanket but only because I can't find a specific shade of yellow yarn. The one above is a little brighter of a green and close to the yellow family without being mossy or slimy. It seems that Holly and I were doing this at the same time last night.

The fruit of our garage sale/thrift store toils on Saturday. There are a few choice items that aren't ready to be seen yet because they are part of my plan to make myself even more crazy with another place to focus my energy. None of these lovelies are intended for my house, though. You can peruse the selection yourself at PonyParty.etsy.com.

The sidewalks in our neighborhood are currently being demolished so I'm turning up my new favorite album by Thao and getting back to work on my online to do list while S is napping.


mrs boo radley said...

Lovely colors in your post today. Sounds like a full weekend!

Tina Amato said...

Love Thao Nguyen. I actually saw her (with TGDSD) in concert when I first moved to DC this time last year. Fantastic.

anne esquibel said...

Those are some cute finds! :)

glenna said...

Nice finds!

hollysarah said...

the granny square looks fantastic!
hehe... we were totally on the same wavelength, that's awesome! Except I was watching The Reader (too sad btw).. I'll have to post a photo of my accomplishments. :)

anne esquibel said...

If you have time and would like to guest blog at Six Gun Annie please send an email to aesquibel@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks a lot Rachel.

kiki said...

that video rocked! my bf's band actually opened for thao here in lubbock, it was such a fun show!