The Runway

Minnetonka for the Summer, Minnetonka for the Fall.

Urban Prairie Girl

A few of my favorites from the Pony Rides collection now available at PonyParty.etsy.com. And if you purchase anything from this collection, you MUST send us a picture of your little one wearing their frock. It'd make a blog post for sure.



mrs boo radley said...

Oh goodness. Please pardon the drool...these are SO cute!

anne esquibel said...

Beautiful collection!

MAXimum MESS said...

You found some really cute stuff! I have pictures of my husband when he was about 2 in a little blue nautical jumper just like the one you have listed! His even had the little red bow. And he wore a little white sailor hat! I love all the little shoes!

Becky said...

All so cute! They look like doll baby clothes!

Erin Conrad said...

so...i realized that i hadn't seen any blog updates from you lately (i subscribe using bloglines), so i resubscribed and now it's working. i've missed out on lots. glad to be back. your blog makes me happy! :)